Made By Google Clean Homepage

Google isn’t the number one search engine and analytics site for nothing. Their madebygoogle site is deeply innovative and is a high-quality conjecture that knocks the socks off their competitors.

The deep scroll design and imaginative user interface minimizes clutter, limits content, and enhances the user experience on each page. The white backdrop and crystal images gives the entire site, an asymmetrical visual that allows users to focus solely on their product line.

Made By Google Clean Website Design

One of the sites best features is the ability to manipulate shapes and colors to its advantage. The four panel split screen offers minimal content, forcing the user to either click on the hyperlink or keep scrolling through the site.

Each panel is projected against a dark gray backdrop with a light gray base that forces the eye to focus on the image. The parallax-inspired imagery makes the two-dimensional image look like a three-dimensional graphic and making the product pop off the screen.

Made By Google Clean Website Design Encourages User Interaction

Google’s color hex manipulation doesn’t just stop with the backdrop. The overview page for the Google Home Voice-Activation Speaker has a large banner image that commands attention by giving the illusion of a three-dimensional space which protrudes the product off the page.

Content is minimal, yet purposeful throughout the site by taking advantages of hyperlinks. The call-to-action phrases simplistic, for example “Get answers from Google” or “More things you can ask.” Google intertwines the rule, show don’t tell, with the overall design of the website which encourages user interaction.

Made By Google Great Use of High-resolution Photography

By far the best use of interface is on the Daydream Viewer product page. Google innovatively combined a parallax markup with virtual reality to make users feel as though they are using the product. For example, the page starts with a phone with an embedded still image. As the viewer scrolls down, the image moves forward and turns into a side scroll. As users scroll through, they will see high-resolution photography that emulates what they would see when using the product.

Made By Google is a clean website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Technology industries.