Nooflow Bright Website Design

Nooflow’s Website Design Is Dedicated To Boosting Brain Power

Nooflow is a dietary supplement created to boost the brain and provide users with a sense of ease to go about their day. Using innovative and science-backed ingredients, this vitamin is one that hopes to transform and revolutionize the mind, body and soul.

Nooflow is a vitamin unlike any other, and to match this transformative nature, the creatives behind the online portal decided to go with a creative and modern design to further promote the product, its effectiveness and its science-backed power.

The designers behind this website are none other than design studio Minka Brand & Co. — an Argentinian-based design and communication studio that is known for its transformative and unique designs. They specialize in creating stunning displays of web design art, connecting brands and consumers in exciting, creative and compelling ways.

And they definitely hit the mark in this Nooflow web design thanks to their use of color, orientation and movement.

This display is simply stunning, not only in the websites modernity in general but in the way that these designers gave vitamins and dietary supplements a whole new look and feel.

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Nooflow Intuitive Web Design

Nooflow’s E-Commerce Site Informs Users With A Creative Yet Simple Portal & Strong UX Design

The Nooflow website aims to boost brain power and ease the mind. And to get the cogs in users’ heads turning, the designers behind its creation went with a dynamic and creative layout to lead users on an interactive and serene journey.

There's only one product — one bottle of brain-enhancing vitamins — so the entire website is dedicated to showing these products off. Images of the bottles and boxes take up the main imagery, with different versions sliding in and out as you watch.

Scrolling down, you’re lead on a journey about the product, with each section shaded in a slightly different color, including creative icons and interesting parallax scrolling to add more depth to the site and additional intrigue.

And as you make your way down the homepage, you’re met with exciting and innovative movement — both with images and text — that encourages you to read and unearth the beauty behind these tiny little capsules.

Users can learn what goes into these products, why they were made and who uses them. This information is neatly organized on the web page. The most important information is seen in bold, charcoal sans-serif font. Subsequent details are listed in increasing the smaller font, allowing visitors to focus on the most important details and empowering them to learn more only if they wish, or keep navigating deeper into the website.

When you’re ready to learn more, a helpful menu bar to the right of the screen is available to enlighten further. This semi-transparent grey bar slides across the screen with clear, clean menu options to choose from. Need help? Click a small icon in the bottom right corner to access an easy-to-use chatbot that connects you to customer service immediately, fostering a customer-centric vibe immediately. 

The additional landing pages follow the same theme and orientation. There’s that same grey, pink and white layering with text and imagery. This creative depth is consistent and cohesive across the entire site.

And the layout of the product page is equally stunning, putting products first.

There’s only one offering here, but the product is offered in multiple forms and multiple packs. But to show these products off, each offering gets an entire screen. Here, you see the product in its entirety, the price and a clear CTA that encourages users to the checkout page.

As you scroll down this page, the layout is the same and you are offered the option of buying amounts of different sizes.

But it’s this clear, clean and straightforward layout that eases users to the checkout page without them even really knowing it.

There’s a dynamic nature that comes from the smooth transitioning across sections and pages, as well as a cleanliness and modernity with the use of creative design elements like movement and color. But overall, this colorful and sophisticated interface puts these products first in a spectacular way.

Nooflow Best Website Design

The Strong Branding Of The Nooflow Website Fosters Excitement And User Engagement

The first thing you’ll probably notice when landing on this website are the stunning and vivid colors that dance across the screen. You’re immediately met with bright pinks, clean whites and soothing greys, all of which are tied together in a modern, sleek logo design.

These make up the design of the site, dividing the site into clear sections, highlighting specific aspects of the product and providing the site with depth through colorful layering and a strong brand identity.

These colors are matched in the products themselves — creating a cohesive and comprehensive look that’s consistent across all branding and materials. These are the same bright and vivid colors that make these products jump from shelves, so it makes sense that they would be integrated into the web design as well.

These hues help lead users throughout the website. They clearly differentiate where one section ends and the next begins. And it adds a sense of wonder, whimsy and excitement as users continue on their journey.

Colors have a way of making an impact and creating emotion. They grab attention almost immediately and bring with them a sense of emotion that is perfect for setting the scene and encouraging interaction. And the colors here are no different.

They are soothing yet exciting. They bring a dynamic vibe to the site that entices and fills your mind with a powerful sense of urgency and ensure the product is highly recognizable. They add a playfulness to the idea of vitamins. And they certainly take this design to a whole new level, changing the way consumers see vitamins as a whole.

But it’s not just the colors in the background that excite visitors -- it’s also the colors used in the typography that demand action and create urgency. These words are big, bold and bright. They demand to be seen — and when written in such vivid and engaging colors, they’re impossible to ignore.

In fact, they demand you to listen and respond. You’ll be better off if you do — that’s the vibe that they give off almost immediately, ensuring these CTAs are direct, fun, bold and -- most importantly -- effective. They are friendly and inviting by nature and make you happy to be interacting with them.

The tiny details of the website really take Nooflow's branding to a new level. Most notably, tiny icons that represent the most important effects of Nooflow's product adorn the website, sending visual cues to consumers about the benefits without forcing them to read even more text. This increases effectiveness, recognizability and user experience. 

When it comes to most health product websites, you’re usually met by a bland, boring and uninteresting website. They lack depth and excitement and feel more corporate in nature due to the scientific nature of the product themselves. But you don’t see that here. Instead, the designers behind the Nooflow web design wanted to create a shift in the minds of consumers before they ever got their hands on the products.

This modern and transformative website is a clean and bright winner. It’s unlike any other in its industry and continues to stand as a leader.

Nooflow Fun Website Design

The Nooflow Web Page Entices With Clever Movement

The dynamic nature of this website is further promoted by the movement that lives around every corner and with every scroll. It’s subtle, smooth and interactive in nature — elevating this design beautifully.

Movement occurs on its own and with the help of the user. Images slide in and out — these products are put on clean and clear display, and this smooth transitional movement helps to bring the eye directly to it.

Movement, in general, draws attention. It captures the eye and leads users to that specific spot with enthusiasm and sophistication. And right from the start, you’re eyes are drawn and the website is subconsciously telling you exactly where to look.

As you scroll, text and images fly in and out. They slowly fade, and the subtle movement makes you more apt to stop and read the text in each specific section. It’s simultaneously fast-paced yet peacefully serene. It wakes you, entices you and encourages action, creating a sense of urgency that is further magnified by the dynamic movement you’re met with at every corner.

Movement is engaging. Movement is interactive. Movement demands action — it makes you want to play along and do something in return.

And this movement helps to lead users to the product page, and ultimately to the checkout page where they will make their final purchase.

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Nowflow Creative Website Design

Nooflow’s Modern Interface Creates A Fun, Informative And Engaging Atmosphere

The Nooflow website is a fun, exciting and playful design that turns traditional, medicinal websites on their head. It adds a personality and a flair to the products and the industry that encourages users to interact, learn and, ultimately, buy these brain-boosting vitamins.

This design uses powerful orientation to put the products front and center. At every stage of the website, the products are first. You see them in every section through imagery text and color. And the movement of this design draws your eye and leads you through the simple, user-friendly design.

The colors here are immediately tantalizing. They excite, creating a sense of whimsy and curiosity that encourages users to keep scrolling and keep learning.

Movement is also a powerful design tool that the designers used in this design. It creates a sense of urgency and leads people more completely on their journey, making it a fun and exciting experience overall.

And the transformative feel of this website promotes the products in an innovative way. If the website is revolutionary, the products must be too. And you’re going to find out.

This website demands to be seen. It demands you to read and to listen. It creates a sense of urgency within the user, fostering a clear sense of excitement and creativity that pushes you to the product page and to the checkout page with ease.

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