O’Neill Hit The Road Great Homepage

Hit The Road is a campaign that follows O’Neill athletes as they travel to different filming spots to complete challenges which usually consist of tricks or enhancements. The videography is incredibly high quality and the website focuses on the content.

The full-screen images are breathtaking action shots. The design ensures that the images are the focal point. For example, in the above screenshot you can see that the surfboard overlaps on top of the video title text. In addition to ensuring that the photo and video content remains front and center, the design choice also provides a layered feeling, which makes the site feel more complete and well-designed.

O’Neill Hit The Road User Friendly Website Design

The site is very easy to navigate. Again, this is a fantastic design choice for a website that focuses on photo and video content. People are here to watch videos, not click on links. Hovering over the video episodes label reveals a drop down menu where visitors can select a video to watch. There’s no need to navigate to a new page and wait for it to load. Simply find a video and jump right in. Each thumbnail is also an action shot. This is an action sports website so every opportunity to further build that feeling needs to be taken advantage of.

O’Neill Hit The Road Popup Design

Clicking on a video pops it into a lightbox, which allows the video to take over most of the screen. The dark background and bold white text stand out but don’t distract from the action. The videos are very well shot and action-packed. Each episode is short, which makes it easy to binge watch several episodes at once. Again, the ease of navigation on the site makes it easy to consume video.

This site is a perfect example of a website that knows its product. The videos and athletes are what people want to see so O’Neill makes it easy to enjoy videos and doesn’t waste time or space with unnecessary extras.

O’Neill Hit The Road is a top website design in the Entertainment and Sports & Leisure industries.