Keen Footwear E-Commerce Website Design Homepage

Lace up a new pair of shoes and give into your adventurous side! With Keen Footwear, you’re ready to go anywhere!

Your adventure begins the moment you enter Keen Footwear’s website. Whether your adventure takes you to the beach or deep into the mountains, it’s made abundantly clear through sharp photographs that Keen Footwear is designed to go anywhere you want to go. Each image is brightly colored and easy to see against the neutral background choice. It’s a great choice to make it easy for each picture to create its own impact on you.

Keen Footwear takes this neutral coloring and adds vivid yellow to it. Yellow creates a vibrant accent down the length of the homepage, being used in fonts, buttons, and text boxes. The color choice creates diversity on the page for a captivating website design.

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Keen Footwear Product Pages Website

Pick a Keen Footwear product collection and dive on in to find the right shoes or accessories that are exactly what you want! Product pages are simply laid out, focusing more on a clean presentation than anything else. Items are organized in a grid format alongside a page-specific filter bar on the left.

The entire design choice exudes an easy shopping experience that focuses on building your excitement and product impulse. Product images are the center of your attention to each and every one with their bright colors and clarity.

Keen Footwear Engaging Website Design

Get inside Keen Footwear and learn about the company’s many dynamics! What better way to get the inside scoop on any company than to come face to face with them. With a passion for exploration, Keen Footwear takes you on a virtual adventure with an in-depth video tour of the company’s purpose and values.

Vivid imagery guides you through each aspect, pulling you into the gorgeous scenery and epic adventures. The embedded video is the perfect way to introduce you to the basis of Keen Footwear before you make your way through the rest of the page and information.

Keen Footwear built a visually beautiful website design that relies on vivid accent colors and bright imagery to draw users in. Combined with a well-organized front, the company creates a friendly user experience that encourages exploration and shopping.

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