Papillons de Nuit Amazing Homepage

Papillons de Nuit is a music festival in France that features some of the world’s premiere pop and alternative artists. The festival emphasizes fun and frivolity, grabbing users with the promise of a truly one-of-a-kind, recreational and artistic experience.

The design of their home page uses rounded lines, pops of color, and a general sense of graphic play that communicates the creative and joyful nature of the festival’s brand. The use of these colorful splats creates a sense of fun and lightheartedness. The lines aren’t rigid and unfeeling; they’re meandering and expressive. What’s more, the range of bright colors across the page further constructs a feeling of fun and leisure.

Users can also watch an embedded video that further immerses them in the joy of the festival experience. By creating a playful design in a multi-faceted manner, the designer has fully constructed the sense of playfulness and creativity in the minds of every user.

Papillons de Nuit Amazing Website Design

Papillon de Nuit’s portfolio page showcases all of the talent and celebrities that will be performing during the festival. Again, several graphic splats imbue the site with a fun, carefree attitude, exciting users to the point of purchasing tickets. Fortunately, salesmanship and ease of use isn’t lost on this page, even amidst its highly involved visual design. Users can use the navigational tools on the right to view more acts on the schedule, while the small icon to the bottom left allows them to navigate to the site’s sale space. A stunning design is only as powerful as a user’s ability to financially act in response to it.

Papillons de Nuit Amazing Portfolio Page

Every artist on the previous schedule portfolio gets a special page like this one. Each comes with a color scheme and graphic layout, all of which are bright and playful. No two artist pages will be even slightly the same, furthering the sense of creativity and comprehensive fun that the festival hangs its brand upon. By giving each artist their own deliberate and unique visual space, the designer is really capturing the minds of users with such a deep and nuanced level of visual interest.

Papillons de Nuit is an amazing website design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.