Dunkirk Amazing Homepage

The promotional website for the movie, Dunkirk, is an innovative integration of UX and UI. Its dark design is interactive, focusing on the context of the movie.

Dunkirk’s website juxtaposes Hollywood production with web design concepts, creating a unique space for site visitors. The intro page uses a black backdrop and an enlarged banner with clips from the movie. The sans serif typography in the middle of the page exerts a bluish-green hue that grabs the user’s attention.

Dunkirk Amazing Website Design

The Battle of Dunkirk was an actual event that took place during World War II. On the home page, the menu at the bottom is arranged like a timeline. Each dot on the timeline represents something that happened during the battle. When a user clicks on the timeline, a fact about that selected date will flash across the screen in bold, green letters. Using a dark transparent background and bold typeface enhances the UI application, keeping users engaged in the story.

Dunkirk Amazing Gallery Design

As users continue to explore, they’ll come across a gallery page that features photographic stills and videos to shed light on the events of Dunkirk. In addition, users can see clips from the movie, which is only updated if users share the Dunkirk site on their social media pages. The gallery page uses a side-scroll format, making it easy for users to navigate the page.

Dunkirk Video Player Design

For over 90 years, Warner Bros. Studios has brought stories to the big screen. Their latest film, Dunkirk, and its official website reflect the company’s ability to think outside of the box. The web design is a masterpiece, solidifying the film and television studio’s mastery in storytelling.

Dunkirk is an amazing website design in the Entertainment, Arts & Recreation and E-commerce & Retail industries.