Spotify Tracked Colorful Homepage

Spotify Tracked is a single page site that was created to present some compelling data that was gathered by Spotify’s new metrics mechanic. It also is of course intended to advertise and positively brand the new feature. To properly construct such a technical site, the designer had to construct an aesthetic of equal humanity and technology. The technology essentially tracks human behavior, do the design needed to reflect the personality of the human data and the primacy if the system’s technology. This home page dances this dance perfectly by bringing an iconic technological image in with some playful and personable color. By marrying the steely face of the smartphone with the light purple color scheme, this designer has truly personified technology.

Spotify Tracked Colorful Website Design

This page presents some sample data of what the metric technology can track. Here, once again, the design is focused on making this relatively distant and dense content pop with color and play. The light UI and adolescent color scheme successfully personalizes the data and makes the entire system seem more understandable, familiar, and fun. The data, when presented like this, becomes a part of an interesting UX, wherein users truly see themselves expressed through this data. It’s their personality in numbers.

Spotify Tracked Clean Design

This final page has been selected to indicate as clearly as possible how important intention is when designing a site. The site is meant to inform users about a technology as well as create a branded experience. This page very directly discusses the process, theories, and technology behind the system. This scales back the strong character of the site and takes a more pragmatic angle on it all. This demonstrates how UX is only as important as it can be understood. By providing this very direct explanation the designer has properly informed the entire experience.

Spotify Tracked is a colorful website design in the Technology industry.