Parallel Design Group Clean Homepage

Parallel Design Group is a real estate and interior design agency that focuses on translating clients’ visions into practical designs. They use cutting-edge visualization technology, talented design agents, and a collaborative workflow to make your dream home a design reality. Parallel Design Group needed a site that would evoke possibility, planning, and elegance.

PDG’s home page accomplishes these goals with a curated UI and a strongly visual UX. The interface on the edges of the screen read a little like footnotes on the surface of a project’s layout. It's a little cluttered, making the page slightly claustrophobic, but that's a good thing. It makes the whole page feel a little more busy and active, which evokes that sense of planning and possibility. What’s more, the choice of image establishes the company as a real estate design firm, and it brings an elegance that speaks to their design skill. The colors are soft, and the light is filtered smoothly, making the image inviting and soothing. In every way, Parallel Design Group’s home page works as a visual cue to the specific design capability and professionalism of their company.

Parallel Design Group Clean About Page

Parallel Design Group’s “About” page also crowds the frame with notated text. It continues to make the site feel like a collection of project notes, and it gives the site a little variation and visual interest. The text is all over the place; sometimes small and sometimes big, sometimes vertical and sometimes horizontal. The style creates a more eye-catching interface, bringing the UX to life as users’ eyes dart around the dynamic frame. It evokes a sense of workmanship and planning, while also increasing the activity of the user experience.

Parallel Design Group Clean About Page

The form shown here is an excellent, responsive activity that allows users to engage with the site and personalize their experience. Users can select one of the three icons at the bottom of the page, and upon doing so, they are launched into an interactive design experience. The activity allows users to basically begin the real estate design process, drawing them into the site, and reinforcing PDG’s client-focused brand. This activity creates a more engaging web experience, starts converting users to clients, and demonstrates PDG’s ability to translate your vision into reality.

Parallel Design Group is a clean website design in the Architecture and Real Estate industries.