Pentagram Clean Homepage

Pentagram is a dynamic and state-of-the-art branding company with a big name client list like you’ve never seen before. When users reach the landing page, they’ll be immediately dragged into Pentagram’s work with a slider that features past projects with some famous companies.

Pentagram keeps their logo simple—their company name spelled out in a very basic red font—because their work speaks for itself. Using the seven-picture slider as their landing page demonstrates the overall talent in their portfolio.

Pentagram Clean Website Design

If the seven briefly debuted projects on the landing page aren’t enough proof of what Pentagram can produce, users can also make use of the menu at the top of the page to be redirected to the company’s substantial portfolio. Dozens upon dozens of client names and projects come together on a grid for users to pick from.

When users click on a specific client—such as DC Entertainment, shown here—they’ll be redirected to the entire portfolio page. This area breaks down exactly what Pentagram created for the client and how the piece is currently being used. Crisp and clear fullscreen images like this DC Entertainment logo on a billboard are utilized to showcase Pentagram’s work in use.

To simplify the process of switching between portfolio pieces, Pentagram web page offers a set of arrows along the page as users scroll, making it easy to flip back and forth between viewable work samples.

Pentagram Clean News Page

With a company as big and popular as Pentagram, it’s no wonder they’re extremely busy popping out projects and being actively involved in the press. To keep up with the latest goings-on with Pentagram, the company showcases an easy-to-navigate “Latest news” section. The area allows users to break down the articles by their type or to simply view all the pieces as a whole.

The page is split into two equal halves, but individual posts are not aligned with one another. Articles are haphazardly placed along their half of the page, seeming to follow no perfect sense of symmetry. This design scheme creates a dynamic aura for users, inspiring them to continue to scroll through the available posts.

The bright imagery and various portfolio pieces included are made to stand out as Pentagram continues to make use of an uncomplicated design scheme. There is no background coloring or design as they opt for completely blank space and a continuation of the basic font.

Pentagram is a clean website design in the Advertising, Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.