WRK Colorful Homepage

Wrk is a French creative studio that creates elegant and functional custom-designed websites. The professional approach of the brand’s website demonstrates their expertise on both visuals and usability. 

In the digital world, the power of custom illustrations is well recognized. When it’s done properly, it’s a mighty tool that magically combines beauty and clean concepts. Human nature tends to connect with illustrated narratives faster and more easily; this visual language could personify brands and identities, and provide unique selling point in a funnier and more engaging way. Wrk definitely knows their business well. They use isometric and 3D style illustrations expertly to make their brand stand out from ordinary. The tailor-made illustrations on Studio’s “Team” section and Vision’s “Process” section are so representable, relatable and understandable, which showcase their capability and creativity to a great depth.

WRK Colorful Illustrations

Moreover, Wrk knows that customized illustrations and icons with SVG animation are now a trend in UI interaction. They communicate a stronger, livelier, and more interactive brand message through the delicate use of animation, which just adds an extra dash of awesomeness to the user experience. The transformation between page loading and the morphing effects between representative subject letters are stunning and super creative. 

WRK Colorful Website Design

Wrk also knows colors have the powerful impact in visuals. The color palette they use is tasteful and distinctive. The font choices, layouts, and the carefully-crafted wording are also the good contributions towards the concise look and feel. Furthermore, “Works” page is done very differently through videos, which demos each project as if recording the user experience.  

WRK Colorful Website Design

Functionality-wise, this web is structured, clear, and straightforward. It’s a fixed full-screen design. Where you are on the site is always indicated on the top right beneath the menu icon. Navigation is easy -- simply scroll or click the item on the menu system. Its responsive achievement for different browser sizes is beautifully done as well. In a nutshell, Wrk absolutely creates an interesting and memorable web experience, and they successfully mark their place in the digital world.

WRK is a colorful website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.