Penumbra Corporate Homepage

Penumbra is a healthcare company that design, develop and manufacture innovative health related devices.

On top there’s a full-width video that gives dynamic feel to the site but also we can see very quickly what this company does. Below there very clean and nice looking two tabs to choose options from. On the far right there’s also indicator with numbers where we are on the site in terms of position. So this way we can quickly switch between panels, without scrolling too much. Scrolling down there are products section with some simple icons, but with very cool animation when we hover. 

Penumbra Corporate Menu Design

I really like this mega menu. It’s very clear to read, despite many texts, and some background transparency it gives very modern look to the site.

Penumbra Corporate Website Design

This search idea is very cool. It takes a new approach as a full-width search bar that appears to give the user more room and clear direction where to enter keywords.

Penumbra Corporate Website Design

In the middle of the homepage there are some sections, such as a grid of news and case studies, along some full-width background photography.

Penumbra Corporate Website Design

Overall this is a really nice corporate looking website with strong red and black colors. It’s branded with consistent dotted elements around buttons or along some circle animation that creates really great site.

Penumbra is a top website design in the Medical & Pharmacy industry.