BIGGR Colorful Homepage

Brighter… Better… BIGGR! BIGGR is a creative marketing group with a focus on amplifying brands to make the biggest impact possible.

With an experimental design for a home page, you’re instantly greeted by outside-the-box thinking. 'A seamless grid is centered on the home page and takes up a large majority of the page.

Exchanging a flat coloring around it for something more dynamic, the grid is equipped with a lower right drop shadow for a three-dimensional effect.

The grid uses flat coloring accented with background silhouette effects in coordinating shades of each color. The vibrant display is eye-catching as it adds another level of depth to the page.

A bold and capitalized font practically screams its way off the page at you, making sure you don’t miss a thing.

Soaring higher and higher gets you to bigger and better things, which BIGGR plays off of by taking their menu layout to a whole new level of intrigue.

The hamburger menu icon can be found in the right corner of any page and when you open it, you'll be greeted by clouds. You find yourself soaring upward through an animation of clouds.

Creating a three-dimensional effect, the clouds float in front of and behind the text of the menu. Contrasting the light blues and fluffy whites on the page, the big and bold page titles are presented in vibrant red.

They’re centered for easy reading and place the focus on the three big pages you’ll need to get around the site. Once you’ve explored the big three, a smaller horizontal list gives you access to the few other pages on the site.

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BIGGR Colorful Portfolio

The Portfolio page presents with a combination of flat colors and highly-defined photographs.

The majority of the page is filled with a photo display that makes use of a simple timed slider. Take in the picture and the right description at the pace the site suggests, or go ahead and click on the next slider when you’re ready.

BIGGR creates a colorful platform that proves outside-the-box thinking can be productive. The use of flat colors, animations, and bold fonts make for an exciting website to explore.

BIGGR is a colorful website design in the Professional Services industries.

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