Pomerleau Modern Website Design Homepage

Interested in having an innovative and sustainable building created for whatever project you have in mind? Look no further than the architecture firm Pomerleau!

Pomerleau creates both commercial and residential buildings that are guaranteed to impress, so it’s no wonder that gorgeous photographs of their designs are how they introduce users to their stunning website design. The images are breathtaking and immediately give you a feel for the company and what it can create. Bold lettering helps you to understand the kinds of projects they take on and work to create for their clients.

As you scroll through the homepage, you’re given a brief insight into the different segments on the website. At each stop, simple effects draw out letters right before your eyes. It’s fun and quirky, adding a little extra to the page to entice you as you continue to peruse through the homepage.

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Pomerleau Organized Website Projects Page

Have they hooked you? Interested in seeing the different kinds of projects they’ve taken on as a testament to what they could create for you?

Make your way straight to their portfolio. You’ll find a simplified grid where every project is laid out by the use of a single photograph. It showcases some aspect of the project to gather your interest. It’s an uncomplicated way to list the wide number of projects they’ve created, giving you control to pick and choose what ones to view. Curious about the project? Hover your mouse over it to darken the image and unearth the project title and location! The reveal is all up to you!

Free of distraction and imagery, Pomerleau draws upon a highly contrasting set up to help you find your way around. Black is the main element on the page with white lettering only becoming visible when you move your mouse over it. As you do, extra topics make themselves known on the screen. It’s like uncovering a secret in the menu as you move around!

Visualization is the key when it comes to architecture -- and Pomerleau guarantees a visually dynamic website design with a strong user experience. Clarity of the images and detailed navigation throughout the site allows users a clear understanding of everything Pomerleau has to offer its clients.

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