Related Sales Great Website Design Homepage

Spread across major United States cities — from Los Angeles to Chicago, New York City to Boston — Related Sales properties offer some of the best customized and quality living spaces in America’s cultural epicenters.

Rental apartments and luxury condominiums are available for lease or sale all across the U.S., and this digital space hosts a central location for users to view and experience residences and upcoming property openings.

The corporate website design is corporate and shapes users’ understanding of locations and living spaces. Light brown headings pop slightly against white backgrounds, and city images are selected with hues and shades to match.

Action-oriented digital elements prompt users to search available properties or neighborhoods and fill out forms with drop-down selections for cities and numbers of bedrooms needed; they can also explore advanced search options for a more in-depth experience.

As users scroll, thumbnail images arranged in symmetrical layouts and separated by thin, broken gray lines introduce users to featured residences, city news, and pricing and floorplan details on penthouses and other properties.

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Related Sales Great Website Design Product Page

This multi-page site provides users with a plethora of links and content they can explore the company’s portfolio. Each new site page of the portfolio is divided by location and can be accessed from links in the heading of the main page that darken when users click. Clarity and accessibility are priorities in this website design, and detailed features help ensure that users can easily navigate dozens of pages.

Images of condominium sites are hyperlinked to more detailed digital experiences where users can read about the architectural and interior designs or amenities available in various building locations. Each of these new pages has their own individual designs, colors, and layouts that faintly mirror the main site, while still providing enough creative diversity to give users a distinct memory of each digital experience in the locations they have explored. 

Fonts are thin and rounded throughout the main pages, and design elements rely on subtle accents like brown bullet points, lines, or contrasting headers to visually divide information for easier navigation.

As with most of the website design, these pages also provide forms to give users opportunity to act when they discover a property suited to their taste. The design relies on images and visual content, interactive features, and clear layouts to steer users through dozens of city properties and ensure they find a living space to fit their needs.

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