Mstudio Creative Homepage

Designers and writers are depending more and more on websites to display their talents. Creative developer Alex Motzenbecker took the online portfolio experience to the next level with his innovative web design. Motzenbecker’s website layout uses minimalist perspectives and effects to promote the UX interface.

The website is a single page site that uses two shades of black, the darker being the left menu pane. Each menu title has a distinctive color and uses a white typeface to make it pop from the shadowy screen. The right pane is a transparent, three-dimensional spinning cube whose colors correspond with the menu. For example, if a user clicks on the “Recent Work” tab, the cube will change to mimic the orange color of the menu item before opening the requested content. Users can also interact directly with the cube by clicking on a color to navigate the website.

Mstudio Clean About Page

The “About” page isn't filled with flowery content or overstuffed images. It has a black-and-white image of Motzenbecker that stands out due to the yellow backdrop. The black typeface, along with the content’s two-paragraph format, emphasizes its importance.

Mstudio Clean Clients Page

The “Clients” page features Motzenbecker’s work portfolio. It uses a gallery-style format and with simple, dark red nameplates. Users can click on a nameplate to learn more about that specific client. They’ll see images and short descriptions of the each creation.

Mstudio Creative Website Design

When a user clicks on the contact button in the menu, the focal cube turns into a cell phone. It's a great concept that truly grasps the concept of user experience.

Alex Motzenbecker's innovative talent displays his imaginative spirit. His site is a 2017 Webby Winner because of its minimalist, experimental, and edgy concept. Overall, his online portfolio is a testament to what he does best: designing and creating.

Alex Motzenbecker is a creative website design in the Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.

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