The Magic Coat Homepage Website Design

The Magic Coat's Website Was Built With Children In Mind

The Magic Coat is a brand dedicated to empowering and educating children on how to be caring and compassionate human beings. The logo itself — a colorful yellow raincoat popping out of a treasure chest — is used as a symbol of this safety and security. The Magic Coat hopes to instill in children a sense of comfort, ease and protection.

As unfortunate as it is, many children are forced to endure difficult situations while growing up. But this organization hopes to combat this discomfort and insecurity by providing children with the tools to look after their own well-being and encourage a sense of safety.

According to the website:

The Magic Coat encourages children to use strategies that enhance a positive energy, so that they can become confident and resilient but also radiate the positive qualities of love happiness, compassion and kindness. Positive people feel safe, happy and relaxed and , because the vibe that they radiate is welcoming, they make friends easily.

The Magic Coat helps children learn how to problem solve and deal with situations and their own emotions. They promote positivity, happiness and resilience.

The Magic Coat is made up of seven pockets with characters that pinpoint a specific problem or emotion. Each character then comes with a strategy that children can emulate in their own lives to solve their problems with ease and efficiency.

Children don’t always have an adult around that can help them, so it’s important that they learn these skills and strategies themselves so that can grow into positive, happy and strong adults who can raise children with the same strategies at their core.

This website is very clearly geared towards children. It’s a resource for young children to read through and learn from. As a result, the website design needed to be fun, exciting, playful and kid-friendly.

And this digital platform certainly checks all of these boxes.

The Magic Coat Resources Page Website Design

The Magic Coat's Site Encourages Interactivity With Colorful Animations And Playful Movement

The first thing you notice in this design are all the bright colors. Reds, greens, blues and yellows make up the background, text bubbles, animations and CTAs.

They are fun, silly and nostalgic. They are bold and in your face. They add to the overall aquatic theme of the design that exudes a bubbly and playful vibe. It’s the perfect theme and color palette for a website design aimed at engaging young children.

Similarly, these little bubbles, illustrations and CTAs dance before your very eyes. Little air bubbles float subtly to the top of the screen. These underwater animal characters bounce and sway. Seamless rollover movement is added to the menu bar and CTA bubbles that pull your attention and demand to be clicked.

All of this color, imagery and movement adds a lively and energetic element to the website design. It’s high-spirited and exuberant and beautiful. It engages with young audiences directly and encourages interactivity.

It takes a lighter approach to a dark subject in a stunning way.

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The Magic Coat Character Page Website Design

The Magic Coat's Web Page Emphasizes Simple Navigation With Clear CTAs And Bold Headers

From landing page to landing page, the design remains consistent. There is a bold, clear header made up of a rounded, simple white font. The titles are short, sweet and to the point. This makes navigation from landing page to landing page a breeze.

There is a bouncing arrow under these headers that encourages you to scroll. Here you’re met with more clear, bold copy and accompanying CTAs.

And these CTAs are equally creative. They are made up of round bubbles with these adorable animations sitting within. Rolling your mouse over causes the CTA to change, offering you more information and encouraging you to click through.

There is minimal copy, though when you see it, it is bold and impactful. Navigation is clearly outlined and makes learning more about these impactful strategies an easy task both for adults and for children.

The Magic Coat About Page Website Design

The Magic Coat's Site Creates A World Of Excitement And Understanding With Its Dynamic Roster Of Characters

These characters really are the star of the show. They exist to teach children about some dark, important life lessons. But instead of standing as resolute and almost scary to a child’s eye, they take on the form of underwater animals like sea turtles, starfish and more.

These characters get their own page and their own story. They have their own problems that they learn how to overcome, and they promote this learning on the behalf of the reader as well.

They are cleverly created. These animations are bright, bubbly and fun. But they are equally simple and sophisticated.

The impact of these characters is tangible, and it’s a stunning way to get the brand and its message across in a way that children will respond positively to.

The Magic Coat Contact Page Website Design

The Magic Coat’s Online Platform Inspires Change Through Bright Colors, Exciting Illustrations And Impactful Characters

This fun and inspiring website design is full of bright colors, creative animations, dynamic movement and impactful characters. This website beautifully lays out powerful strategies that young kids can learn from in an interactive and engaging way that makes children want to keep scrolling and clicking.

The bright colors are playful and nostalgic. There’s an overall aquatic theme that adds a peacefulness to the design as a whole. Little floating bubbles rise to the top of the screen adding a cool layer of movement that keeps you scrolling through.

The clear headers and CTAs make navigating this site a breeze. They also flawlessly lead children and adults alike throughout the website — going from character to character with ease. Learning about these strategies and understanding the impact of their stories is simple thanks to clear typography, minimal tabs and clean copy.

But the shining star of this design are the characters that engage with children on a personal level. They are cute, creative and simple — but they come with a story that gives them depth and authority.

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