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Sonos’ Product-Focused Website Reinforces Its High-Value Messaging And Easy Navigation

From the second you land on the page until the second you make a purchase, download the app and start using these wireless speakers, Sonos remains true to their brand and consistent with their messaging.

Sonos is an easy-to-use sound system that gives you the freedom to choose what you want to listen to, how you want to listen to it and when.

Immediately upon entering the site, you’re greeted with high-value messaging through bold typography, simple concepts, and eye-catching imagery. These products take a complex concept and make it simple. Similarly, this website does the same. And it takes a lot to simplify such large and comprehensive concepts — it takes talent and finesse.

Images are powerful, big and bold. Videos play instantly and inform the reader in dynamic and engaging ways. Motion graphics and animations play out instantly, drawing your eye to the screen and leading you throughout the product pages and streaming music page.

The text is big. Images are dynamic. CTAs are clear and focused and compelling. The use of icons adds an approachable aspect to the website.

All of these aspects add to the overall message of simplicity and consistency. Branding is on point throughout this website design, and its elements can be seen across all platforms and mediums, including app and mobile design.

Sonos Website Product Page

Sonos’ Visually-Driven Website Design Takes Consumers On An Insightful Journey

Navigating through this website is a breeze, with a fluid and clean user journey that does almost all of the work for you.

CTAs make it clear where your eyes should go and what actions you should take. Product pages are thorough, clear and vivid. Big images and bold text take the guesswork out of purchasing your next wireless speaker.

And the team at Sonos is dedicated to making sure you’re happy. There’s immediate help for consumers via a “Sales Help” icon in the upper right-hand corner. In addition, there’s a helpful and interactive chatbot that opens up when you land on the product page. If you have any questions, concerns or inquiries, there’s a helpful team member to ease your worries.

The customer journey is elegant, simple and easy-to-use — just like their systems are.

Reviews are readily available and easy to find, guiding users throughout their journey and pushing them to purchase. Navigation is easy and finding the information you’re looking for couldn’t be simpler.

Sonos Homepage Music Streaming

The Sonos E-Commerce Website Design Puts Customers First

Sonos is a brand that specializes in wireless speaker systems — big or small, hub or amps, Sonos has the product for all of your music streaming needs. These wireless, connected speakers bring the music to your home — in any room and from a range of connected devices.

All you need is a power source, a wireless network, and a mobile device. Quickly and easily connect your speaker and mobile device to your wifi network, then use your Sonos app to stream music from a variety of services — Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and more.

The process is simple, the app is efficient and in no time your home or apartment comes to life with your favorite tunes. Sonos simplifies the music streaming experience, making it easier than ever before to jam out before your morning coffee.

We’ve already talked about the clean and clear app design that makes the Sonos experience a dream, but it’s not just their mobile presence that makes a statement. Their website is just as fluid, simple and engaging.

Sonos knows that in an ever-increasing technological world, learning how to work with new devices can be challenging and chaotic. That’s why they create products that are so easy, a toddler could use them! (Though we don’t recommend that unless you love listening to “Elmo’s World” at full volume.)

Similarly, they know that navigating their website needs to be easy too — if you can’t understand what they’re trying to sell and how they’re selling it, how can they expect you to buy? The design team at Sonos kept their customers in mind when creating this online web journey, and the result was a website with a stunning user experience.

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Sonos Homepage Products

The Sonos Clean Website Design Makes Streaming Music Easier Than Ever Before

Sonos takes the confusion out of emerging technologies. They understand that people want easy, simple and efficient products — and they want this ease throughout the entire process. From the second users seek out a product to the moment they get it in use — the process should be user-friendly, quick and effective.

High-value messaging, clear CTAs and consistent branding are present throughout the website experience and embedded within the app. Big and bold images, text and icons make getting a feel for the product a breeze. And the user journey is fluid, functional and fun.

This Sonos website design is a beautiful display of user-friendly design, minimalistic trends and effective messaging.

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