OT-24 Colorful Homepage

Do you find yourself travelling a lot for business and relying on cabs, rented cars, or friendly lifts to get to the airport and more? Why not give OT-24 a try! The company makes it their prerogative to help your business get around at an affordable price.

There’s no better way than to show off what they do than to introduce it to you the moment you land on OT-24’s website. Falling into a muted green and blue color scheme, you’re greeted by a detailed illustration of a businessman waiting for his car outside the airport. If you travel a lot for work, you know what he’s going through even though it is an illustration. Roll the scroll on your mouse just once to watch him disappear in the car and see it whisk him away! It’s a simplistically quirky animation that drives home the whole point behind what the company does.

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OT-24 Colorful Website Design

Give yourself the chance to explore this brilliant business partner by scrolling through an eclectic display of information about OT-24. Set against a series of brightly colored slider pages, you’ll have the chance to learn how to make the company concept work for you.

The differences in color choices allow you to easily move between ideas. Despite the vastly different colors, each slide presents in a uniform layout. A digitized illustration captures your attention in the center of the page while being surrounded on both sides by a briefing on one aspect you should know about. The design serves a double purpose as it keeps everything simplified for you, but still is highly informative to get you what it is that you needed to know.

OT-24 Colorful Contact Page

Curious, but have questions? Make use of OT-24’s contact page for any questions or concerns. The vibrantly blue page presents playfully, making light of the information given. The choice of blue makes the illustrated map on the page stand out with its white roads, landmarks, and buildings. A dash of red adds pizazz to the minimal design. The map is surrounded by the company’s necessary contact information. The basic design gives you something fun to look at as you decide how you want reach out to OT-24.

OT-24 takes their website to a new level of playful by relying on colorful pages and dynamic illustrations. The combination creates a uniquely exciting and easy-to-move-through platform for users to indulge in.

OT-24 is a colorful website design in the Automotive, Professional Services and Travel industries.

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