NYC The Official Guide Great Homepage

New York City—A place filled with dreamers and creative visionaries. NYC’s Official Guide (NYCOG) web design uses imagery and visualization to enhance its UI and UX. This approach makes NYCOG's website an accurate reflection of "the city that never sleeps."

The home page is a fullscreen aerial view of the Manhattan skyline. It isn’t emblazoned with heavy content. The simplicity gives users a choice to use the top menu bar or to continue scrolling, making it easy to navigate the sitemap.

NYC The Official Guide Great Website Design

NYCOG’s “About” page differs from most travel sites by mimicking New York’s unique structure. Each “About” page explains one of the five boroughs of the city: The Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. The pages play on the UX by using a video clip as the background. For example, the“About” page for The Bronx uses video recorded at the Bronx Zoo, at Yankee Stadium, and at The Wave Hill. Users can scroll down to the gallery, which features places to visit, hotels to stay in, and events to attend.

NYC The Official Guide Great Menu Design

The cleverly designed menu uses UI and UX, dark effects, and bold typography to ease sitemap navigation. The large drop-down menu's black background and large typeface draws users to each item, without using bulky images or unnecessary content.

New York City’s Official Guide website is as creative as the people of its city. It’s an ingenious design, filled with vivid photography and typography that keeps things fresh, attractive, and useful.

NYC The Official Guide is a best website design in the Sports & Leisure and Travel industries.

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