Woven Magazine Elegant Homepage

What happens when you bring together the makers, the thinkers, and the artists? Woven Magazine. 

Dedicated to sharing the stories of artists all over the world as a way to inspire others, Woven Magazine is the place to go when you need a muse. The very first thing you see as you enter the site is a featured artist’s story, while a stunning photograph showcases what it is that the artist specializes in.

Make your way down the page and treat yourself to a wide array of stories. The simple text description with a photograph is entices you to learn more, pushing you to actively read more stories. The minimalistic design draws you in by taking away the unnecessary and letting the artist give you their message personally.

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Woven Magazine Elegant Portfolio

Enjoy the stories you’ve found on Woven Magazine’s site and want more? The site offers a simple platform for you to buy physical prints of their magazine.

With limited product, the small online shop presents all four products in a grid, ensuring they are easily viewable on the page. A pale gray backdrop brings forth the imagery of each product in a way that makes them impossible to miss.

The quick-stop shop may be minimal, but the beautiful design is visually appealing. 

Woven Magazine Elegant Blog Page

Art is everywhere in the world, and Woven Magazine’s blog showcases that. The blog offers a straight shot down the page, where posts are cleanly organized.

The same formatting (interesting image on the left and teaser text on the right) is used for each post. It creates uniformity and makes perusing through each one a breeze, as your eyes become comfortable with the design while trying to find something to read.

Woven Magazine takes an age-old idea of inspiration from others, and brings it to an entirely new level by connecting artists and creators from around the world digitally. The clean, minimal color choices and the focus on visual displays creates an artist-centric site that touches the creative in all of us.

Woven Magazine is an elegant website design in the Arts & Recreation and E-commerce & Retail industries.

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