Robert Leitl’s Portfolio Website Design

Enter the Ingenious World of Creativity Behind Robert Leitl’s Portfolio Website Design

How often have you found yourself on an unconvincing wordy description of someone’s design creativity? So much so that looking for the true creative genius you need has become a tedious job. Chances are – far too often.

Well, Robert Leitl effectively put a stop to this discouraging trend. The co-founder of ensured his portfolio website is as immersive and distinctive. The website design might be scarce in words but is rich in possibilities. You may find web development companies that create stunning portfolio pages like this. 

Like many great artists, Leitl was set to explore his curiosity about web-based graphics programming. He bravely invites us to join him on his learning journey, showcasing the result of his efforts.

Leitl’s website design warns us that some projects might be erroneous, but once you dive into this pool of creative endeavors, it’s difficult to imagine being bothered by it as the platform keeps giving.

Unique Messaging

The Homepage: Robert Leitl’s Portfolio Website Design’s Simple Welcoming Message

Upon landing on the website, you’ll be met with a pitch-black screen with two white paragraphs of introductory content. Above it is a short greeting, "Hi," in a customized futuristic font, then below is a guide to navigating the website.

The homepage’s simplicity and the black-and-white contrast are simultaneously broken and maintained with a red circle beneath the text. In it lies a minimalistic black right arrow key with a hovering effect (if you like these features, check out some of the best minimal web designs).

There are also two short dividers in the middle. The short white stylistic lines are placed above and below the introductory note and the red button.

Once you’ve met the author and read the instructions, you’ll be curious to see what the website design offers.

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Dynamic elements galore!

Robert Leitl’s Portfolio Website Design Encompasses Limited Typography and Unlimited Cool Dynamic Elements

The "main" part of the web design is nothing short of mesmerizing. You are thrown into the creative planet inhabited by Leitl's experiments brought to life.

You can browse through tons of his projects and explore the sea of Robert's creations through a custom view that lets you focus on one task and prompts you to look others up. Anything and everything can be customized today, even the 404 error pages!

Apart from the top left logo comprised of his first name initial in a futuristic headline font style and a (seemingly) hamburger menu parallel to it, in the right corner, the entire screen is composed of a sphere-like black ball with numerous colorful project previews. You can easily browse through them using your arrow keys or mouse.

Content is structured through an orb-shaped layout with cool interactive wobbly transitions that emphasize individual projects and give a unique holistic appeal to the sphere.

Individual projects are pinpointed with four short diagonal white lines around the central element. There's a short sans-serif description of what you can expect from each task on the right, with the same custom futuristic typeface showcasing the project name on the left of the circular preview.

Innovative menu bar

The Humble Surprise Behind the Website Designs’ Hamburger Menu Maintains the Playful Atmosphere

The homepage explained that the author perceives this portfolio website design as his playground. And that innocent, experimental note is maintained throughout your journey, letting you know it is not to be taken too seriously.

This narrative flows onto the hamburger menu or what awaits you once you click it.

The screen is filled with a medium light shade of red and a basic content block providing more info about the artist. Apart from this unintrusive “About” section (check out more cool About Us pages), you’ll find ways to connect or follow his work with his social media accounts linked below.

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