Saffron-Consultants Great Homepage

“Be disruptive. Make an impact. Pave the way.” That’s what Saffron is promoting to their clients, business owners looking to leave their mark on future consumers. Compelling brand strategies combined with powerful designs is the way Saffron creates innovative, unique branding for their clients. They want their clients to lead the way, and they want to help them do it. By analyzing the illustration on their home page, it’s clear that Saffron wants their clients to stand out like the one yellow seat in a room full of pink chairs.

Making the words stand out for themselves, Saffron minimizes the distraction factor for clients. The focus is entirely on users—potential clients—and what they want. Saffron uses a two-tone website color scheme where everything that is not a product picture or an illustration is either black or white.

Saffron-Consultants Clean About Page

Saffron understands that the branding and design industry is complex and involves a seemingly overwhelming amount of information. To ease the process of learning about what’s best for a client and their company, Saffron has created a platform for users to research the branding industry, marketing, and many other subjects. The “Insights” page is easy to navigate, with the subject areas broken down at the top of the page.

Saffron-Consultants Best Website Design

Not finding anything you want to read about? Saffron has a solution for that, too. Viewers can easily utilize the search option that’s attached to the menu. By simply typing in a word or two and pressing enter, the website will pull up every project, “Insights” article, and more that has to do with the selected topic. This opportunity enhances the overall UX, providing users with an effective way to gain the information they’re searching for.

Saffron-Consultants Best Website Design

Once users are ready to move forward, Saffron displays the locations of its seven offices, which users can contact individually based on their personal location. Each office contains an embedded map, which, when clicked, opens up a new browser window where users can view exactly where the office is located and how to get there through Google Maps.

Every page of Saffron’s site maintains a simple design scheme, utilizing a vast white space and high-resolution imagery to place the emphasis entirely on their work. The UI is clean and easy to navigate, ensuring that potential clients will get a complete picture of Saffron’s abilities and values.

Saffron-Consultants is a best website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.