Silverstream Technologies Website Designed by ID Studio Web Agency

Silverstream Technologies’ Website Design Captivates Upon Entry

Silverstream Technologies is a company that offers air lubrication systems that supports the shipping industry. Designed by ID Studio Web Agency, one of the best web design companies worldwide, the website is an optimized culmination of the brand’s products and services.

The agency boasts 20 years of experience in the web design niche. Each project the agency touches integrates intuitive and visually appealing modules.

Upon landing, a blue background that resembles the ocean welcomes its site visitors, a nice and clever touch by the design agency. They represented the brand's involvement with the maritime and shipping industry through beautiful blues and ocean-like aesthetics.

The moving image in the header section has piercing animation yet subtle visuals related to the brand. The blue background gels well with the minimalist line vectors that resemble a ship’s frame and its propellers.

Another design move that enlivens the above the fold are the graphics that look like bubbles underwater, passing through the turning propellers. Its simplicity and the two-tone colors of blue and white make for an efficient way to symbolize what Silverstream Technologies offers.

Scroll down and the blue background continues down the footer section.

Visitors are treated to yet another surprise once they reach the footer area. It features a full-screen video clip of the company founders, COO, and engineers. This video adds a more cinematic feel to the website design.

Overall, the uncluttered arrangement and well-spaced elements between text, images and graphics give the visitors enough breathing room when navigating the website.

Silverstream Technologies Web Design

Silverstream Technologies’ Simplistic Typeface Highlights Informative Copy

For a niche technology solution like Silverstream Technologies' air lubrication to succeed in promotion, the website must remain informative aside from being attractive. And the agency deserves applause for acing this part.

The texts are strategically designed by hierarchy. The bigger texts signify titles and content headings. Consequently, they also draw attention to the text description placed below them. This arrangement helps the audience digest the content by the level of importance.

Using emphatic typeface helps readers differentiate the messages as well. Silverstream Technologies' website design is well structured. The agency divided the content into sections to provide a great reading experience.

Visitors, as they scroll down the page, will unravel every major component of the brand and its mantra through content. Sectioning the homepage is a genius way to help the audience get acquainted with the company without being overwhelmed.

Ultimately, using varied typography styles to differentiate the type of content gives a more intuitive feel to the website. It provides more emphasis on the brand’s core and makes everything clearer and easier to understand.

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Silverstream Technologies by ID Studio Web Agency

Symbolic Graphic Designs Familiarizes the Visitors with the Shipping Industry

The website design perfectly captures the brand's core. Any new visitor will understand that the brand is heavily connected with the shipping industry because of its design elements. Overall, the agency used graphics that relate to the industry.

For example, the high-resolution images are not just laid out plainly on the page. They're displayed bubbles floating on a blue ocean-like background. Small bubbles are scattered around the images to mimic the underwater aesthetics.

The round shapes and the lines enhance the design structure, aiding the informative content beside them without drawing too much attention.

What makes this part of the design commendable is the lack of redundancy and potentially obnoxious components. This results in a neat and orderly page that’s also easy to read.

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Silverstream Technologies Website Design

Futuristic Vibe Shone Through ID Studio Web Agency’s Design

Aside from the whiff of underwater, Silverstream Technologies' website design exudes a futuristic vibe, perfectly embodying their technological contributions to the industry.

The agency added subtle design cues that add to the modern theme of the website, such as the small circles laid out in a straight line, the color palette and the icons used in the menu navigation. Not to mention the videos playing in the background that boasts stunning transitions and effects.

Additionally, the agency also made it a point to optimize the website for both web and mobile browsers. Whether you’re on your desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet, the Silverstream Technologies page delivers the same experience day in and out

Website Design for Silverstream Technologies

Menu Navigation Design by ID Studio Web Agency Supports Smooth User Journey

Above all else, an effective website design should guide the users in navigating through the site. This is where ID Studio Web Agency shines again.

In designing the menu bar, users prefer predictability for smoother navigation. The agency designed an intuitive menu that houses all the important pages in one click.

The menu bar has two distinct CTAs. The "Get in Touch" button redirects visitors to the contact page, while the "Technology Solution" button leads users to the product page. Beside these buttons is the hamburger menu that opens in a panel of other pages, letting visitors navigate through the site with ease.

The structure complements a smooth user journey for first-time visitors.

In the footer section, users are again given access to the most informative pages of the website. Ultimately, the clear and comprehensive navigation framework is a key component in providing visitors with a usable web interface that maintains engagement.

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