Supergreat Great Homepage

Super Great is branded sales website that exposes the power and innovation behind the newest generation of engines by the car manufacturer, Fuso. Their technology is first in its class, revolutionary in its design, and jaw-dropping in its raw power.

The home page of the site, seen here, portrays a strongly creative space, with sheened metallic cubes floating aimlessly in the background. It evokes a sense of futuristic innovation and technology, with the cubes very specifically conjuring an idea of creative engineering. It feels like a futuristic mechanic’s interface, and it establishes a UX that reveals the innovation and technological primacy of Fuso’s next generation of engines.

Supergreat Awesome About Page

Super Great’s “About” page capitalizes on the connotations of the home page, pushing further while also providing a bit of content and form to the otherwise abstract space. To the left, users can read a compelling blurb that explores the concept behind the engineering initiatives of the new engines. Or, they can browseastunning catalog of equipment that also comes equally equipped with information.

Each piece of technology listed in the panels to the right elaborates on the value of that specific piece, collectively providing a full optic on the company’s innovation. The page is an excellent example of how designers should maintain aesthetic across both the design and the format of the site. Aesthetic works best when fully realized, allowing users to immerse themselves deeper into the experience and encouraging the fullest exploration of the site’s visual potential.

Supergreat Awesome Product Page

The most tailored part of the site is here on the product page, where users can see each manufactured piece in question up close and personal. They can peruse the various items, see the differences between each both visually and textually, and they can learn about the underlying value they all carry. The text is minimal compared to the scale of the images, maximizing the effect of their power. The designer has maintained the sense of powerful innovation evoked throughout the site’s visual milieu in a slightly different way on each page. That diversity in unity is the sign of a truly effective design and a talented designer.

Supergreat is an awesome website design in the Manufacturing and Professional Services industries.