Bowlmor Lanes Stunning Homepage

The best website designs are visually striking (pun intended).

Bowlmor Lanes is an upscale bowling alley with food, and games. This is a bowling experience unlike any other.

The homepage is colorful and bold. The call-to-action module features the tagline "Nobody throws a party like Bowlmor Lanes."

It features a short video depicting bowlers throwing strikes and having an awesome time. 

This replaying video highlights the Bowlmor experience and takes users inside the bowling alley to show them a new kind of bowling alley.

Header videos increase user engagement. They are visually captivating and inject life into the best websites.

The header is in white font and allows the user to easily plan a party or explore the fun and games at the alley.

Bowlmor Lanes Sliders Website Design

The next slider module features the various locations of Bowlmor Lanes. The user can interact with the slider by clicking the side arrows to view locations.

They can also use the search tool to enter their zipcode and find the nearest location.

This feature provides convenience for the user and they can take action without hesitation. Bowlmor wants the user to find the the services with ease -- a quality of all "best websites." 

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Bowlmor Lanes Menu

A two-module slider features high-quality photographs of food and customers having a fun time. There is a unique large burger that shows a food item that only Bowlmor Lanes can provide.

Multiple categories, in white font, encourage the user to find more information about holiday parties, kids birthday parties, corporate parties, and adult parties/social events.

The menu slider features two buttons to view events and the laneside menu.

Micro-interactions like these are a 2017 website design trend that turn what would be boring information into a fun experience.

Bowlmor Lanes executes a cohesive color theme throughout the homepage of red white and black.

Color themes must be cohesive. They eliminate confusion and create a smooth user experience.

Bowlmor Lanes Stunning Website Design

The footer concludes with three sliders that contain the same white and red outlines website text. Users can view and click three different categories that feature stunning branded photography.

Important contact information and investor relations categories along with social media icons sit at the bottom of the page.

The Bowlmore Lanes website design capitalizes and flawlessly executes the 2017 website design trend of micro interactions. Micro-interactions keep your users on your website and ensure a fun experience.

Ultimately, they are a visual strike.

Bowlmor Lanes is a stunning website design in the Entertainment and Sports & Leisure industries.

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