Spin Minimal Homepage

What happens when the first thing you see on a landing page is the name Samsung? You get interested, of course.

With such a big company being the first thing potential clients see, Spin is doing something right by letting their work do all the talking. Spin’s bold simplicity offers up very little in the way of words, and it ensures that absolutely no distractions take away from the main event: showing off their work.

Spin keeps their site up-to-date with various projects they are working on, and they present their past experiences as the first thing users see when they visit the website. From the landing page, users are even able to contact the company, enhancing the UX by offering the immediate possibility for client-to-business interaction.

Spin Minimal Website Design

Spin focuses on condensed and dynamic visualizations for the designs they create. Their portfolio pieces are bold, and they’re able to stand alone in an advertising world filled with bright colors and overly detailed images.

The company’s long list of clients includes a variety of influential names. As a way to view the work done for these businesses, Spin organizes one aspect of their portfolio in alphabetical order by name. Image previews are made available simply by clicking on the title. Not only is each impressively designed logo displayed, but users can also find out what the logo was used for and how Spin worked for that client.

Spin keeps the user’s concentration on the monochromatic imagery of each logo and design by utilizing a slate-gray background to make their work stand out.

Spin Minimal Website Design

All work and no play can get boring really fast, and everyone knows that—even Spin.

To add some entertainment aspects to the otherwise very professional site, the company shares their adventures in a blog format with users and potential clients. In a combination of personal photographs and casual, conversational speech, Spin brings new places, events, and more to those who read their blog. They keep users up-to-date in a way that humanizes the company.

By maintaining a consistent black, white, and gray color scheme and an extremely minimalist design, Spin keeps things simple and professional. Immediately upon viewing the website design, users understand exactly what Spin has to offer their clients.

Spin is a minimal website design in the Advertising, Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.