Asana Amazing Homepage

Asana is a project management tool that has taken the internet by storm. Aside from its affordable pricing, their web design scheme has redefined the minimalist concept. Asana’s use of imagery and straightforward content has left competitors scratching their heads.

The website uses a basic, deep scroll format that enhances the UI and UX interface with its clean look. It’s consistent across the pages, complete with a white backdrop, simple typography, and unifying color schemes.

Although it's noticeable, the menu bar is not overbearing. It draws attention to the content on the page, magnifying user curiosity. The home page has one purpose: encouraging visitors to use their product.

Asana Amazing Website Design

Asana’s “About” page includes a simple illustration of the product. It uses a mid-shade of black, which pulls the image of the product and its content to the foreground. It enhances user interaction by adding an orange, live chat button on the bottom right corner that’s visible, but not overbearing.

The white lettering and simple serif font add a certain energy to the page. Asana offers very little content here. Users are drawn to the menu bar, which allows them to navigate around the site, or they can click the “Get Started” button.

Asana Clean Pricing Page

Asana’s product page uses symmetry to influence user experience. The classic, consistent white background makes the page feel invisible, shifting the eyes to the textual content.

Each panel is categorized, and they all use a unique color scheme. The information is self-explanatory, highlighting pricing and package options. The primary content gives users a short description of each product.

Asana’s website exhibits a simple design that epitomizes the phrase, “Less is more.” The website is chic, elegant, and classy, and it adds a spice of color to draw attention to their product.

Asana is an amazing website design in the E-commerce & Retail, Professional Services and Technology industries.

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