Stockholm Jazz Festival Colorful Homepage

Interested in spending days indulging in smooth jazz music presented by a number of talented artists? Then head over to the Stockholm Jazz Festival.

An eclectic design makes for a unique platform to build the music festival on, drawing you in with its quirkiness.

Dividing the page into two sections, you will find yourself confronted with a large amount of information in a short amount of space, but don’t fret! It’s well-organized and easy to go through.

Focus on the high-definition photograph of a jazz artist at the center of the page as your starting point. The image uses low exposure to pull you to the contrasting words written over it.

From the left of the page, you’re given immediate access to the site’s menu. Its minimalistic design of a white background and black words makes it easy to read and simple to navigate, so your entire focus can be on the festival.

Text boxes are on the right of the page; as you go down the page the information separates for maximum impact. The vibrantly-colored borders around each text box hold your focus on exactly what you’re reading.

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Stockholm Jazz Festival Colorful Lineup Page

With events, timelines are everything; Stockholm Jazz Festival understands that. Vibrant geometric shapes and a monochrome photograph introduce you to the page. Layered over the bottom of this photograph, you’ll find a calendar timeline showing the days in which the event takes places.

Navigation is vital to understanding what’s going on at the event. When viewing a specific event day, the date is highlighted with a complementary pale green color.

Beneath the timeline, a grid of white boxes neatly organizes the various artists performing on the date you’ve selected.

The combination of a photographic icon with text makes up each box for the grid. The duo is simple in appearance and makes for easy understanding of knowing the event participants.

Stockholm Jazz Festival Colorful News Page

As the Stockholm Jazz Festival planning develops, more and more information is made available for attendees like you, which is why the site sets up a News page.

With the use of a bright background, the presentation of news articles is in grid formatting. Sample imagery is the designated viewing point for each article and is readily matched with a text box, offering up a teaser of what the article is about.

The playful appearance of the vibrant colors on the page with the pink background creates a fun experience for those interested in the Stockholm Jazz Festival.

With brilliant color combinations and vivid imagery, the Stockholm Jazz Festival does a fantastic job of preparing you for their event. The site offers a wide array of well-organized information and works to keep you informed as things change.

Stockholm Jazz Festival is a colorful website design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.

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