Syrena Art Museum Creative Homepage

Beauty inspires and invigorates, leaving little reminders to see the good in life. Art may be one of the most powerful expressions of beauty known to mankind. Displaying a wide variety of sketches, portraits, drawings, videos, and exhibitions, the Syrena Art Museum is home to modern art in Warsaw.

Like the physical experience, the online site for this museum captures the attractive power of artistic creation. The backdrop of the home page depicts shades of blue and white slowly moving across the screen, resembling the appearance of flowing water. Rectangular and square samples of art pieces endlessly float up and down the page in random order as they would on water, tangibly representing the expressiveness of modern art.

Syrena Art Museum Elegant Website Design

Users can actively interact with each piece of art by clicking on examples as they flow across the page. The mouse is sensitively responsive to user movements, and viewers can pull images across the page in any direction as they spot striking pieces of artwork. When clicked, images zoom in and disperse the other floating pictures, leaving a single focus on a selected work.

A thick, white border makes the chosen picture pop against the dark backdrop, and minimal text descriptions in clean, white fonts explain the history of any selected work. As the art piece moves slightly against the active background, users become visually interested in the history and artistic accounts of the work presented.

Syrena Art Museum Creative Website Design

This simple site structure features a triangular menu drop option that brings six site selections into view. Users can navigate to sections about the museum’s location and hours, archives, events, exhibitions, and more.

The European display features rotating exhibitions by artists and architects of all kinds, and the site keeps the attention on these artists and the beauty they’ve created. Text is simple and clear, and each new page allows an immersive, educational experience before users have even arrived at the museum location. By using intriguing organization and small icons in the upper corners to navigate, the user experiences few distractions from the interface. Viewers can thoroughly enjoy all the art has to offer.

Syrena Art Museum is a creative website design in the Arts & Recreation industry.