Argenta Corporate Homepage

Argenta is a site dedicated to a WordPress theme created by ThemeForest. The extremely versatile and clean design of Argenta fully comes across in the entire design of the website. The simplistic layout draws the consumer’s attention to the various important components of the template.

From the moment the consumer lands on the Argenta home page, a member of the ThemeForest Support Team is made available for the consumer to chat with whenever they need. This chat remains continuously accessible across the entire site through a green chat box in the lower right corner of the screen.

By utilizing a deep scroll through the page, consumers are able to view demonstrations of each various aspect of the Argenta template from home page options to shop options. Users can click on each demonstration to pull it up in a new browser window and really explore the value behind it. Viewers are also able to filter the demos by what specific features they are looking for in a website template.

Additionally, consumers have access to an in-depth menu at the top of the site. From here, consumers can break down their search options through various components of each page type.

For users who are interested in the overall value of the Argenta template, the website offers a visual breakdown of everything the template includes in an easy-to-access feature set at the bottom of the landing page. The core features are simple to read, and they offer a full scope of what the Argenta template entails.

Argenta Corporate Website Design

After viewing the entirety of the site and the demonstrations of the template, consumers can utilize an easy-to-access shop in order to buy the template and customize it for their own uses. The main menu offers a “buy” option, which redirects the consumer to ThemeForest’s main website. Consumers have two license options, which change the cost of the product. From here, consumers are also able to see how many people have bought the Argenta template, as well as the reviews that have been written about it, so consumers can make an educated buy.

Argenta is a corporate website design in the Arts & Recreation, E-commerce & Retail and Technology industries.