The Estate Trentham Stunning Homepage

The Estate Trentham in Victoria, Australia is likely one of the loveliest locations you could choose for a stay, as well as one of the most relaxing and attractive sites we’ve encountered. They’ve managed to match their design to their brand identity very well and created a user experience that is incredibly memorable.

Although image maps are not commonly seen any longer, the lovely work done for the Estate Trentham site is certainly worth taking a bit of a “step back in time.” From the outstanding illustrations to the spot-on mapping, the absolute beauty of the landing page creates a very tranquil feeling that lends itself to the entire UX and UI of the site.

Not only is the site absolutely lovely to look at it, but the intuitive layout allows users to navigate the pages quite easily through either the image map or the available hamburger menu. The overall lack of homepage text leads users to wander through the links in order to learn more, which is a great asset in the UI.

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The Estate Trentham Stunning About Page

Wandering to the About pages, we learn a great deal more about the Estate and have the opportunity to view the attractive photo galleries.

The use of a full layout image allows potential guests to see exactly how the Estate is situated, which gives them a more in-depth view of the experience they will have while staying there.

In addition to having a really great layout and offering plenty of information and photography, the site has a color scheme that really does fit the Estate itself. It provides a very comfortable and “soft” feeling that keeps visitors browsing the pages to learn more about each section.

The Estate Trentham Stunning Contact Page

The Estate’s Contact page follows right along with the theme, providing a wealth of information for potential guests, including contact information and a map for those who wish to drive in and see the property.

Overall, the site has a great vibe about it. There are plenty of sites out there that excel at either graphics or information, but not many can pull together both aspects and turn them into an experience, but The Estate Trentham site has done precisely that.

The Estate Trentham is a stunning website design in the Hospitality and Travel industries.

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