Bahamas Website Design Homepage

The Bahamas Website Displays A Tempting Look At Island Life

A favorite destination for tourists, the Bahamas prides itself on its numerous options for having a great time. The website design for the Bahamas site uses design choices that amplify and portray why everyone that loves fun should pay the Bahamas a visit. The choice of images, videos, and other media on the site gives a foretaste of what a visit to the islands will be like. Find out how this colorful design inspires the prospective visitor in the website overview below.

Bahamas Best Website Design

Website Design Showcases Unique Attractions Of Each Island

The individual islands of the Bahamas have their own unique attractions and the website does an outstanding job of putting each in the spotlight. It uses individual pages for each island which go into great depth to charm a visitor with a close up look at life on the island. On individual island pages, you will find out the popular activities such as:

  • Boating outings
  • Delicious food
  • Historical destinations
  • Swimming and diving expeditions

The grid-like presentation of attractions makes it easy to see, at a glance, what is exciting about the island and decide if it interests you. You can quickly click through to individual options, or find another island whose options excite you more.

Island pages group together with other useful information, such as where to stay, a calendar of upcoming events, and informative texts on what makes the island unique. Contact information and other key details you will need for a visit are included on the pages. This makes the site highly practical for trip planning

Bahamas Website Design Navigation Menu

The Navigation Menu Is Clear As Can Be

If you’re a tourist looking for fun, you will want to know what’s available, where it’s available, and your hotel options. The top navigation menu on this website zeroes in right away on these primary concerns, making it convenient to get an overview of trip options. It gives the following highly useful options such as:

  • Explore - gives access to events on the islands, tools for planning a family vacation, and opportunities to experience the local culture. 
  • Things to do - this comprehensive menu item has over a dozen popular activities that you can click on. Some of them, like “shopping”, have multiple options available on the menu so you can quickly click on your shopping area of interest. Shopping in the Bahamas includes everything from souvenirs and art to duty-free luxury items.
  • Places to stay - routes you to a page where you can see available lodges, resorts, and hotels.
  • Deals - this item lets a visitor find all the deals and package offers in one place. There’s less need to trawl various hotel websites in order to find the best deal when you can find all the offers here.
  • Our Islands - gives a visitor instant access to Bahamas islands like Nassau & Paradise Island, Inagua, Rum Cay, and others. If a visitor knows which island they want to explore, this menu item lets them jump to that island’s page from anywhere on the site.
Bahamas Great Website Design

Website Design Features Bright Colors And Images Of The Outdoors

The Bahamas' website makes use of bright colors to create a happy feeling. The bright sky-blue and white is reminiscent of clear blue skies on the islands. This is paired with carefully-chosen images of sunny, white sand beaches. The effect uplifts the user and takes them on a virtual tour of how beautiful their days will be in the Bahamas. It’s important to note that the website design goes to great lengths to provide a variety of images on boats, in the water, eating great food, and other activities.

Bahamas Website Design Videos

Highly-Engaging Adventure Videos Looping On The Home Page

The website design of the Bahamas grabs your attention on the home page with videos of adventure. These videos roll into each in a repeating loop that showcases the beauty of the islands.

The video is embedded in the background layer of the page. What looks like a giant hero image on the homepage begins to show motion, rolling different videos in a continuous loop. The effect grabs the user with no warning because there are no video controls. Instead, the videos auto-start and play smoothly in the background.

The choice of content for the videos portrays different entertainment activities and adventures you can enjoy around the Bahamas. For example, you can go dancing in colorful red and yellow attire, or go watch the dolphins swim. Either way, the video is highly appropriate for drawing you into what a visit to the Bahamas is like.  

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Bahamas Website Design Logo

Beautiful Logo That Reappears In Navigation Menus Across The Website

The website has a jumbo-sized logo that is all white and contains colorful leaf petals. Its green, blue, and orange petals hint at the excitement of island life in the Bahamas. Lettering in an understated grey font reads “The Islands of the Bahamas.” “Bahamas” is spelled in all lower-case letters to create a casual, informal tone. Focused on tourism, the website design dispenses with the formalities to appeal to the prospective visitor from the get-go.

The Bahamas Island Map

The vertical alignment of the group of petals resembles the alignment of the individual islands that comprise the Bahamas on a map (as seen above). The Bahamas consists of over seven hundred islands and small islets in one wide arc that cuts from the North-West to the South-East.

Bahamas Amazing Website Design

The website makes creative use of this logo shape in navigation menus for items in the bottom section of the site.

This theme is repeated more than once. Hovering over individual items triggers a light, transparent mask over the item. This helpful cue informs the user that the menu item is clickable, making it easy for them to discover new areas of the website including:

  • Adventure page
  • Kids+Families page
  • Local Culture
  • Relaxation

A Website Design That Shows Visitors What They Are Missing

This website design does not use too many fancy techniques. Rather it relies on the basics. What makes it a great website design, however, is its selection of matter and placement on the page. For example, its menus make it easy to navigate around and contain comprehensive options to suit a visitor’s interests. Information is presented effortlessly, with pages that have multiple jump-off options for additional exploration. As a result, the visitor is able to get a reliable idea of life on the islands and obtain options for exploring their interests once they get there.

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