Moss Hotel Elegant Homepage

Treat yourself to a night -- or many -- at a boutique hotel that takes luxury to a whole new level.

Moss Boutique Hotel is the perfect place to indulge in an exquisite experience, with state-of-the-art hotel rooms, a fantastic bar and restaurant at your fingertips, a top-of-the-line gym, and more.

With a focus on elegance, Moss Boutique Hotel creates a beautiful platform for users to dive in. A background of black and a faded animal print creates a rich air.

The dynamic design within the texture gives the appearance of scales when looked at as a whole. Words pop off the page at you, in a large font and white coloring.

Adding depth to the site, the homepage invites you to scroll through a series of stunning cityscapes that show you the number of locations the hotel has.

The images provide a dual purpose -- they help you navigate to a number of other pages on the site AND offer a visually-stimulating slider effect.

As you slide through the page, turn your volume up! A soothing rhythmic song adds a pleasant undertone to the beautiful site.

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Moss Hotel Elegant Product Page

Maintaining a simplified presentation, Moss Boutique Hotel uses the dynamic split format to introduce you to everything about the hotel.

On the left side, a photograph showcases the hotel. The abstract setup adds color and variety to the page without distracting from the information on the right side of the page.

A white background complements the black words in the foreground. Paragraphs are presented in a combination of large and small fonts, guiding you through titles and information with ease.

Pulling in the same contrasting color scheme as the homepage, Moss Boutique Hotel creates a simplified menu that you can access through any page.

Words flow down the left side of the page with a font that blends well with the dark background, leaving the words just visible.

However, hold your mouse over a page title and the word lights up in vibrant white for easy reading. Adding to the depth of organization, these variations expand to give you a sub-page layouts that can be viewed as well.

Creating an elegant and organized atmosphere, Moss Boutique Hotel allows their website design to speak volumes for the brand.

The contrasting monochromatic color scheme, combined with high-definition photographs, lets users indulge in a beautiful platform for a beautiful hotel.

Moss Hote is an elegant website design in the Hospitality, Luxury and Travel industries.

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