Monster Energy Gear Great Homepage

You’ve heard the name. You’ve had their energy drinks. Now let yourself indulge in some of their fantastic brand gear!

Monster Team Gear is a website dedicated to Monster Energy Drink fans who want to treat themselves to any number of fantastic gear options with the company logo on them in exchange for collecting drink tabs.

Making use of attractive brand models dancing and showing off some of the products that can be earned, the homepage draws consumers in quickly with a call to action prompt from the center of the page.

A gradient center light illuminates the energized wording before fading outward to a dark vignette in the textured background.

The stylized background draws all attention to the company’s call to action about their drink tabs.

Accessible from any page, Monster Team Gear employs a hamburger menu in the upper right corner.

The hamburger icon opens up sidebar menu and activates a lighting effect to darken the background of the page the consumer was previously viewing. The effect pulls the viewer’s eyes to the right side of the page where the menu opens up.

Using a large, bold font against the green textured background, page titles are right-aligned with the very edge of the screen and evenly-spaced for an organized appearance.

When a page is selected, the title transforms colors from a deep brown to a golden color, illuminating the direction consumers are heading on the website.

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Monster Energy Gear Great Contact Page

The process to start earning Monster Team Gear is simple. The company has an easily-filled-out lead-generation form that puts consumers in the company’s database and doubles as the creation of an account through the Monster online platform.

The form is embedded directly into the website and is designed to look like a used pamphlet page stuck diagonally on the screen.

It draws on the varying green and brown colors used on the website design, both faded and dynamic through "smudges" and "spill stains." All you have to do is fill it out and you’ll be on your way to earning your own Monster Team Gear.

The unique website design is on-brand and easy to use, ensuring it ranks among the best website designs

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