Mac Cosmetics Clean Homepage

MAC Cosmetics is one of the most well known names in makeup. As one of the preferred brands of makeup artists everywhere, MAC is known for their bold statement looks. High fashion photography set against monochromatic colors pack a similar punch to walking into one of MAC’s iconic stores.

From gold metallics to aquamarines, the MAC home page features bright colors not normally associated with makeup. That’s because MAC aims to be anything but ordinary. One of the most memorable features of the MAC webpage is the typeface. An all caps font creates a sense of urgency, although the sans serif choice keeps it casual.

The purpose of the webpage is clearly to drive sales through their online platform. Serving as a kind of couture catalogue, high fashion images are paired with pictures of the featured products and links to purchase them. Leveraging starpower, celebrities are also featured prominently modeling the products.

Major campaigns on the webpage are also accompanied with hashtags, directing the user to MAC’s social media platforms. Lucky followers who post pictures of themselves wearing MAC products and use the appropriate hashtag appear in sliders on product pages. Reposting is an easy way to get followers to create free advertising.

Mac Cosmetics Clean Product Page

Product pages on websites are often stuffy and boring, but MAC seeks to emulate the same high fashion experience you might have walking into one of their brick and mortars. Hashtags and fashion videos put together by their senior makeup artists elevate the traditional product page into a dynamic fashion experience. MAC’s Halloween page features several videos of Halloween makeup tutorials, side-by-side with the products needed to complete the look.

With high fashion makeup, many people might be too intimidated to take risks. MAC counteracts this problem by reposting fans wearing MAC products and featuring plenty of tutorials throughout their website. By pairing high fashion images with tutorials, social media, and an easy to use online shopping platform, MAC makes couture accessible without losing any of their signature boldness.

Mac Cosmetics is a clean website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Fashion & Beauty industries.