Tricon Capital Beautiful Homepage

Tricon Capital is a principal investor and asset management brand focused on land, development projects, and rental properties. They are among the true leaders in the world of investment real estate. This website intends to spoke to all five verticals of the Tricon brand and it contains purposeful content and visual storytelling for visitors.

Communicating essential value propositions to potential investors and delivering an enjoyable user experience are the top priorities for the design. To achieve that, a fluid website layout was implemented. This liquid layout display allows space to use large imagery and include important content, stats, and links to important pages while still utilizing negative space. The content can breathe in any browser, and that allows an immersive experience to users.

The overall design features high-quality photographs and a consistent and subtle use of colors. It's a clean, neat, sharp and very professional design look and definitely a source of inspiration for modern financial websites.

Tricon Capital Beautiful Homepage

The homepage starts with a great photo of properties with a short, clean slogan and a call to action. The photo allows the main heading to breathe nicely and makes it look really clean and professional, a great first impression for users. Also, the use of simple colors makes the calls to action stand out, which helps users navigate to the various sections of the website.

The main navigation is a left hand vertical menu that stays on the same position all times either the users scrolls up or down the pages.

The stock quote information on the bottom right is very useful for visitors that like to be kept informed. Below the main header starts the brief presentation of Tricon with their five businesses and a invitation to meet their team with the right module slider. Everything designed with the right proportion and perfect balance so the design don't look cluttered and confusing.

Below, the stats give visitors some info about the history and credibility of the company making them impressed with the numbers.

The page ends with featured news releases and links for financial reports and governance. Two links (with a short description) are side-by-side, complemented with nice background images. This makes the bottom of the page very personalized and inviting, which entices the user to continue exploring the website.

Tricon Capital Beautiful About Page

The about us page is a deep scroll page with complete information about the Tricon Capital story and company structure. It starts with a stunning image background on the header, which gives a strong visual impact and a main title with quick links for the four sections of the page. Those links not only help users to get there faster and easier, but also explain what users can find further down the page, making it like a short index.

The use of negative space is really great and helps users to easily digest the content while they scroll down though the sections.

The team section is presented in a grid, with the management team and visitors can consult their individual description.

Below, a section dedicated to the company principles that features great illustrations made specifically for this client by a renowned illustrator. The illustrations are displayed along with some copy in a very simple, clean and elegant layout with left hand navigation.

The page ends with a section dedicated to governance. Displaying the board members side by side, this section intends to provide information about the Tricon board and governance framework and policies with the usage of a simple table and links for more information.

Tricon Capital is a storytelling website design in the Professional Services and Real Estate industries.