Kahuna Clean Homepage

Kahuna is an automated marketing service that focuses on analyzing, understanding, and ultimately engaging users based on their individual behavior. Kahuna's brand focuses on modernity and humanity, seeking to merge these two elements together in an effort to create an automated yet human marketing process.

Their home page is designed in a way that underscores this duality. The background features a person assumedly going about their daily life. Yet, users are encouraged to engage with an embedded video that explores the technology and intentions behind Kahuna's services. The text in the center of the page reads, “Market in the moments that matter.” The interplay of these three elements perfectly constructs the exact brand Kahuna wants to exhibit.

The interface of the page, including the video profile, creates a sense of modernity, while the text and background image imply a more human understanding. The negotiation and relationship of these design elements serve as an excellent introduction to Kahuna's brand and website.

Kahuna Clean Website Design

This “About” page continues to flesh out Kahuna's exact place in the digital marketing industry. The text explains that Kahuna's automated process is intended to understand the modern consumer in an equally modern way. The image of the laptop to the left appears to be tracking the data exhaust of some such consumer. This design demonstrates how Kahuna's process is equal parts human and machine. The designer is once again playing off of traditionally contrary values to articulate Kahuna's unique image. This is an example of how text can inform and be informed by visual content to express an otherwise incommunicable idea.

Kahuna Clean Blog Page

The Kahuna blog page continues the same design trends of the rest of the site, this time by introducing a relatively unique interface. The blog page allows users to easily browse by entering a variety of criteria. This tailors the experience to each consumer through an automated search feature. This mechanic reflects the nature of Kahuna’s brand as equal parts technical and personal, while also creating a superior user experience.

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