Two Films Website Design

Standout Features:

  • Color-changing backgrounds
  • Analog-inspired visuals
  • Integrated showreel

Mixing colors in a website design is tricky, and it gets even more challenging when blending six or more shades. So, how did Strasbourg-based designer and art director Thomas Bonometti manage to create a colorful yet cohesive website design for Two Films?

Here’s how: they incorporated the various shades into a slightly muted and blurred image and used it as the main background for the website. The colors change as you scroll through the website, too!

It’s like looking at the famous and elusive Northern Lights or capturing a beautiful lens flare from an analog camera. Overall, it's very fitting for a creative video studio!

Also, the dark theme helped balance out such a spectrum of colors—the pitch-black aesthetic contrasts with the website’s animated color splash. To top it all off, the agency added a grainy texture to the canvas that goes well with the agency’s branding.

They get extra points for interactivity, too! The integrated showreel on the website’s banner, animated logo, and moving gallery is a great way to engage site visitors.

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