Truthlabs Awesome Homepage

Creative agency TruthLabs has revolutionized the way agencies approach their personal web design. Their website is funky, fresh, hip, and easy to navigate. It offers insight into the imaginations of TruthLabs' design team, while illustrating their ability to enhance UI and UX.

Truthlabs Awesome Website Design

The home page is paradigm of shapes and colors that capture a user's attention. It uses a single page, parallax scroll, giving users an opportunity to see various samples of the company's work. Each portfolio page on the home screen has a "View Project" button to explore a one of TruthLabs’ previous works. The pages rely ondark backdrops to bring the images and content forward, maintaining with the site's parallax-inspired design.

Truthlabs Awesome About Page

The “About” page features a clever use of sepia photography. As a user moves their cursor over a designer’s photo, the image will adopt a sepia tint, which shifts the user’s attention to the red text box in the middle of the page. The red backdrop of the box makes the basic font ooze off the page. In the top right corner, a social media logo inspires users to follow the highlighted designer on their social media page.

TruthLabs’ web design is innovative, and it demonstrates an invigorating approach to website applications. The site is full of funky color schemes and gorgeous photography to intensify the UI and UX application. It's a clear example of the company's ability to develop creative concepts that will draw in traffic and improve project productivity.

Truthlabs is an awesome website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.