VA Fighters Minimal Homepage

This (firm) is on fire!—That’s right, Alicia Keys said it best when it comes to design and development studio VA Fighters. This company is a relatively new design firm ready to blaze its own trail and ignite the world of web and mobile app development along the way.

The firm’s approach to web design couldn’t be more transparent: solid UX complemented by strong UI elements, a smart hero header, clean lines, minimalism, depth, and a powerful play on typography.

Stacking bold, pink text on top of a subtle gray geometric pattern is a smart move for the hero header. The overlay creates a hint of depth and immediately draws the user’s eyes to an important branding message. Smarter yet, however, is the use of subtly scattered 3-dimensional pyramids. These guys have all the right lines—V’s and A’s abound—synching up perfectly with the company’s VA logo. This sleek, circular black and white logo, planted firmly in the upper left corner, doubles as a sticky navigation button and seamlessly flows into a touch-based interface.

VA Fighters Minimal Website Design

From the hero header, the user can either select one of the horizontal navigation tabs at the top of the page or naturally keep scrolling down. Next, the user finds three dynamically stacked cards, which highlight each one of stages in FA’s development process. The rectangular, stacked blocks aid in the overall minimalist aesthetic, while increasing readability. Animations highlight the selected card, while the others fade to the background. A subtle slash then appears through the text, indicating activation.

VA Fighters Minimal About Page

Reaching the “About” section, the background suddenly shifts from white to black — a sharp but efficient contrast. To keep the visuals clean, the firm has muted the colors in the bio photos. Rather than distract from the team’s message and create chaos on the page, the photos allow the typography to remain the center focal point. The bold, orange-fade-to-pink text nails down the company’s branding message yet again. This is a design firm, ready to fight its way to the top, where it’s going to set the world of development on fire. VA Fighter’s site is a supreme example of the power of minimalism and the efficiency of a solid typography scheme to hammer home a brand’s message.

VA Fighters is a minimal website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.