Reform Collective Amazing Homepage

Digital designers do not have an enviable task when creating a website. They need to hook potential clients with their work. They want their website to be appealing enough to earn business. In addition, they need their work to stand out among their competition. Easier said than done.

Reform Collective Clean Testimonials Design

In between their bold images and portfolio samples, Reform Collective has inserted testimonials from their clients. They want visitors to know that they have a history of doing great work and leaving clients very happy.

It’s interesting to see how they have formatted the testimonials. There is nothing flashy to see, nothing to distract from the quote, just black text on a white background. This also shows the Reform Collective knows when to tone down their design and when to let their work shine.

Reform Collective Colorful Portfolio

Colorful portfolio photos show of what Reform Collective is capable of. The images almost have a “Google Material Design” feel about them with the flat colors and clean photos. Color captures your eye while a small amount of text provides a quick intro about the project and a link to learn more. This design allows visitors to take in a lot of different portfolio items at once and then jump ahead to learn more if they feel the need.

Reform Collective Amazing Website Design

The page that shows off their mobile and desktop design skills has a nice effect that makes the iPhone and MacBook feel like they are floating in a layered formation. The effect is very simple but gives a feeling of depth to the website. It goes to show how such a small detail can add so much to a website.

The Reform Collective website is almost like an interview for a job. Reform Collective needs to show off their skills, be professional, and, most of all, earn the business. It accomplishes all of these things with a sleek design that utilizes great portfolio images, smart use of text, subtle effects, and a clean layout.

Reform Collective is an amazing website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.