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Colorado has the second-strongest economy in the United States

What Makes Advertising Agencies in Colorado Different from Their Other US-Based Peers?  

U.S. News ranks Colorado as the 16th best state in the nation based on its great performance for the citizens.  

In fact, it is the U.S. state with the second-strongest economy and the best state in terms of employment.  

Colorado’s economic momentum is expected to continue into 2022 as the state continues to rebound from the pandemic. It is particularly doing great when it comes to the tech sector, and it is among the top10 states by 2,4% job growth projected in the coming year.  

The aforementioned conditions combined with the state’s relatively high future job growth (predicted to be 46%, which is higher than the national average of 33.5%), Colorado attracts some of the best advertising agencies in the U.S.  

Additionally, Forbes ranks Colorado as the ninth-best U.S. state for business. The rich and growth-nurturing environment attracts many corporate entities to set up their HQs right here. Some of the more notable are:  

  • Macy’s  
  • DaVita  
  • JBS USA  
  • Centene  
  • And more  

To help brands such as these maintain their competitive edge, Colorado ad agencies are sure to provide top-rated industry services.  

Unlike their peers in the rest of the nation, advertisers operating in the area are more likely to gain impressive experience in Colorado’s major industries:  

  • Advanced manufacturing  
  • Telecommunications  
  • Aerospace  
  • Bioscience  
  • Defense & Homeland security  
  • Electronics  
  • Energy & Natural resources  
  • Financial services  
  • And more  

Their unique insight into said sectors allows them to take competitive advantage and deliver great-performing ad solutions for businesses operating in these particular fields.  

What Services Can You Outsource to Colorado Ad Agencies?  

With the exponential rise of digital media, advertising agencies in Colorado offer a wide array of services. Depending on the type of talent they employ, these agencies can be divided into several distinct categories.  

You can outsource the following services to these types of ad agencies:  

  • Traditional advertising agencies: They specialize in creating ads and commercials for conventional mediums and channels like billboards, newspapers, business cards, banners and most importantly, TV and radio.  
  • Social media advertising agencies: These types of agencies develop targeted campaigns on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.  
  • Digital advertising agencies: They specialize in launching PPC, social media and email marketing campaigns on a range of digital channels like search engines, social media, email and more. However, their expertise goes beyond advertising and they also offer additional services like graphic design, print design, branding, etc.  
  • Public relations agencies: Essentially, their job is to handle their clients’ brand reputations. In order to tangibly affect their public perception positively, they engage in different tasks like publishing press releases, boosting social media profiles, communicating with customers, preparing and editing organizational publications and more.  
  • Media buying agencies: These types of advertising agencies in Colorado help businesses set the right budget and the right medium to place their ad. These companies nurture extensive relationships with various publishers.   

How Much Do Advertising Agencies in Colorado Charge for Their Services?  

The different pricing structure types that your typical advertising agency in Colorado offer will mainly depend on whether you want to invest in a short-term or a long-term partnership.  

The most common plans are:  

  • Fee per hour  
  • Fee per project  
  • Result-based fee  

These are the most common types of pricing projects and they usually depend on a couple of factors such as:  

  • Ad company stature and size  
  • Project complexity and scope  
  • Project deadline  
  • Additional services included  
  • The number of experts engaged  

The average cost per hour is based on time estimates and it can range anywhere between $50 and $150. Some agencies that offer premium, specialized services may offer higher rates that go up to $350 per hour.  

The fee per project usually comes at a preset fixed price for specific services.  

Lastly, the result-based fee depends on a prearranged agreement between the prospective agency and the client business. In such a case, the chosen Colorado advertising agency should deliver specific results for the client to issue the payment. These largely depend on business goals and may include:  

  • Increased sales  
  • Conversion  
  • Website traffic  
  • And more  

Why Should You Hire a Colorado Advertising Agency?  

These are three key reasons why you should partner with one of the advertising agencies in Colorado:  

1. Access to Top-Rated Talent

Large metro areas like the state capital, Denver, offer a slew of opportunities for career growth. Thanks to its high job and pay growth, ambitious and motivated advertising specialists are attracted to the city.  

2. Internationally Competitive Services

Because of the quality job opportunities and a resulting influx of job seekers, Colorado is becoming a highly competitive environment which makes ad companies, besides employing top talent, use premium tools to stay on top of the latest marketing trends at all times.  

3. Local Expertise

As mentioned above, advertising agencies in Colorado tend to develop experience in the locally dominant sectors like advanced manufacturing, telecommunications, aerospace and more. They have unique insights into the local market, audiences’ needs and challenges, local industry trends and opportunities.  

This is why they are uniquely positioned to develop strategies for growth that help companies outperform the competition.  

How To Choose the Best Advertising Agency in Colorado  

Follow these five steps to make the search for the best Colorado advertising agency less of a. hassle:  

1. Evaluate Their Past Work

Portfolios and case studies are great sources of information. They can inform you of prospective companies‘ ability to deliver quality work and results as well creativity. 

In fact, their previous work demonstrates whether the agencies on the table have the relevant expertise to meet your specific expectations. Additionally, it will also reveal what types of projects they usually work on and what kind of clients they work with.  

Last, but not least, ample past work examples will help you determine which industries these professionals have experience in.  

Industry expertise, however, should not be a key deciding factor, but it certainly helps, as those agencies that are already familiar with your sector have a unique insight into your market and can speed up project delivery.  

2. Read the Client Reviews

Generally speaking, client reviews attest to a company’s existence, reliability and credibility. They will help you project your future partnership and give you first-hand information on these agencies’ transparency, approach and flexibility.  

Put simply, client feedback reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the top advertising agencies in Colorado and tells you which of them can be a good cultural fit for your company.  

3. Learn About the Team

While it’s safe to assume that top Colorado ad agencies employ exclusively top-rated specialists, it is still advisable to learn:  

  • Who will work on your project  
  • What is their level of experience  
  • How they will contribute to the project  

Ask every team member about their role and find out what type of campaigns they have previously worked on as well and how they make each campaign tailored to meet the unique needs of every client.  

4. Learn About Ther Tracking/Meeting Goals Process

To plan and create successful campaigns, advertising companies in Colorado develop strategies with specific business goals and objectives in mind and set key performance indicators (KPIs) like:  

  • Conversions  
  • Sales  
  • Web traffic  
  • Downloads  
  • And more  

After they set these, they can start working on the strategic process which includes conducting research, working with internal teams and reaching out to the right medium, platform and location for your ads.  

The best Colorado ad agencies have access to the latest resources, innovative tools and platforms that can offer insightful projections. They also track the progress and impact of your ads to calculate the return on investment (ROI) based on user engagement.  

5. Learn About Tools and Resources

Advertising agencies in Colorado utilize quality tools to:  

  • Perform market and competitor research  
  • Identify relevant keywords  
  • Create, launch and measure ads  
  • Automate tasks  
  • Design marketing collateral  
  • Create analytical reports  
  • And more  

Working with an agency that uses premium tools like Canva, Leadpages, Optmyzr, etc., will save you money in the long run and give you an advantage over your competitors.  

These platforms/tools can give your agency partner access to meaningful data, save them time in creating strategies and fast forward the project.  

10 Questions to Ask Colorado Ad Agencies Before You Hire One  

Set interviews with the prospective advertising agencies in Colorado and ask them the following key questions: 

  1. What type of advertising channels do you use and how will you determine the right platform for our business? 
  2. How will you define our target audience and how do you make sure campaigns are created with their needs in mind? 
  3. What industries have you developed ads for? Have you ever worked on a similar project? 
  4. How will you make certain the ad campaigns reflect our brand identity? 
  5. How long will it take to complete the project? 
  6. How do you stay on top of emerging advertising trends and regulations? 
  7. What tools and metrics will you use to track the success of your campaigns? 
  8. Will we receive analytical reports and how often? 
  9. Who of your team members will be involved in the project and what their roles are? What is their level of experience? 
  10. How do you price your projects and what is your pricing policy? 

Takeaways on Advertising Agencies in Colorado 

Ad agencies in Colorado are a top choice for any business looking to elevate their brand. 

They are highly sought after because they: 

  • Employ some of the finest advertising specialists in the nation 
  • Offer internationally competitive services 
  • Are proficient in the locally dominant industries  

On average, the cost of their services varies between $50 and $150 per hour. 

To make the search for the right agency easier, take the following steps: 

  • Evaluate their past work 
  • Read their reviews 
  • Find out which team members will work on your project 
  • Ask how they set, track and meet goals 
  • Learn what kind of tools they have access to 

Best of luck! 


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