What Makes Digital Agencies in Australia Unique?

Australia represents a strong growth market for digital marketing, with digital extending into different areas of everyday lives in forms such as: 

  • Video (Instagram reels, Facebook live, YouTube) 
  • Text (tweets, blog posts) 
  • Photography 

Digital agencies in Australia understand consumer behavior, leading to the creation of solutions that develop your company's potential. 

In 2021, 82.7% of Australians were active on social media, with an annual rise of almost one million users. By 2024, there will be more than one million tech workers in Australia, and about one and a half million by 2027. Diversity can generate an economic contribution of $3.1 billion to GDP annually for the next 20 years. Deloitte has some more numbers on this!  

In addition, the digital market in Australia in 2022 saw an expansion of 10.3% and an overall worth of $2.5 billion, as seen on IBISWorld.  

Australia has excellent opportunities for a digital company to expand in various cities, and the top Australian cities for this are: 

  • Sydney 
  • Melbourne 
  • Rhode  
  • Pyrmont  
  • Brisbane    
australia digital agencies: downtown
Industry analyst forecasted a 12.9% increase of $2.0bn per year, by 2024
[Source: Mumbrella]

What Does a Digital Company in Australia Specialize in?

Every agency's focus is to craft experiences for the viewers that are intuitive, impactful, engaging, and enlightening. Australian digital agencies can help your project improve in different digital areas by providing services such as the following: 

  • Branding 
  • Content Production 
  • Hosting 
  • Graphic Design 
  • Online Sales 
  • Advertisement 
  • Cloud Management 

The experts at the full-service digital agency you hire will work on complex web projects and perform digital brand transformations and online communication.  

Each agency specializes in specific industries that can result in the campaign's solid return on investment (ROI). Industries range from medical fields and travel to software development and real estate. 

In addition, the following specializations of the digital industry have seen rapid growth:  

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 
  • Data Analytics 
  • Graphic Design 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Mobile and Web Advertising 
  • Content Marketing Strategist 
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Why Hire an Australian Digital Agency?

Reason #1: Large Investments 

IBIS World forecasted a 12.9% increase in digital agency wages of $2.0bn per year by 2024. This is leading towards a total of $3.7bn. This is driven mainly by the smaller agencies' growth.  

For the agencies, annual revenue per capita is expected to grow from around $230.000 to more than $260.000 in the period between 2023 and 2024. This information about the Australian economic growth curated by Mumbrella is useful! 

This environment gives your business partner motivation and needed space for development, additional experience, and continuous growth. 

Reason #2: Quality Education 

Teams of experts that are forming each digital company have education for their field of work that makes them skillful and safe to trust. Some of the educational requirements by digital agencies in Australia are: 

  • Bachelor Degree 
  • Master's Degree in Marketing 
  • Strong Written and Verbal Communication Skills 
  • Time Management 

In parallel with the market trend, relevant knowledge and experience in up-to-date software and analytics tools are mandatory. 

In addition, there are several types of industry certifications from recognized institutions that digital agencies in Australia can provide for their staff, such as: 

  • SEO 
  • Google Ads 
  • Google Analytics 
  • Facebook Blueprint 
  • HubSpot Certificate 

A full-service digital agency's job responsibility depends on the agency's niche and type of campaign for your project. Some of its digital marketing tasks include: 

  • Performing Business Analysis 
  • Developing Digital Strategies (Social Media, Blog, Podcast, Etc.) 
  • Understanding Client Requirements 
  • Producing Content
  • Managing Online Ads 
  • Identifying Critical Digital Marketing Opportunities 
  • Staying up to Date with Trends 

Reason #3: Strong Industry 

Revenue from the Australian digital agency market has grown significantly over the last five years. Online advertising solutions are more prevalent in private and public sectors than traditional mediums such as print and TV.  

This growth trend drives the digital industry's rapid expansion rate. Businesses are seeking help in several fields, such as: 

Many businesses now employ Australian digital agencies to manage their digital advertising. The public sector allocated more significant proportions of its marketing budgets to industry services over the period. 

IBIS World covers three companies in the sector of digital agencies in Australia: 

  • WPP AUNZ Ltd 
  • Omnicom Media Group Australia Pty Ltd 
  • Interpublic Australia Holdings Pty Ltd 

How Much Do Digital Agencies in Australia Charge for Their Services?

Digital agencies in Australia charge between $100 per hour for junior digital strategists and $250 or more per hour for experts.  

If you opt for monthly support, the retainer for an agency is between $1.000 and $3.000 per month. If the range of services is more comprehensive and includes a team of people, some digital companies price their work from $7.000 to $20.000 per month.  

How to Find the Right Full-Service Digital Agency in Australia for Your Business?

Finding the best-performing digital agencies in Australia is based on your requirements and the agency's proposals.  

The following steps can help you choose the agency that can propel your company's return on investment (ROI): 

Step #1: Demand Transparency 

Review the agency's website and be sure to find the following: 

  • Address 
  • Team biographies 
  • Client list 

Most clients switch agencies because of false promises, so get as much information as possible from the agency's website. 

Full transparency must be the first criterion when hiring the right Australian digital agency. 

Step #2: Determine Your Goals 

Ultimately, hiring the leading full services digital agency is to fulfill your project's business needs. 

So, when you begin searching for a matching associate from all the digital agencies in Australia, assess your company goals. 

Determine your planned accomplishments, shortlist the questions that will help you understand your future hire, and assess your in-house staff. This can help you find a team that complements your company's structure and enables you to achieve objectives. 

Step #3: Ask About Previous Experience 

Determine the agency's credibility and experience by reading client testimonials on their website and our agency directory. Testimonials must always be authentic. Ask for client references, especially those who didn't go as planned. Understanding how they deal with those, in addition to the positive recommendations, is essential.  

Also, check social media as it represents the feedback of the audience and the direction of the agency's communication with the public. 

Step #4: Create a Fair Contract 

A comprehensive contract is a crucial element when defining a partnership with a digital company 

Work with your company's legal department or representative to oversee a legally binding and fair agreement. It should outline critical aspects of the partnership, such as: 

  • Dispute resolution 
  • Payment deadlines 
  • Deliverables 

With a solid contract, you will be sure about the technicalities of your collaboration. 

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20 Questions to Ask When Interviewing an Australia Digital Agency

  1. Can you tell us about your previous clients? 
  2. How will you achieve our company goals? 
  3. How will you measure the success of short-term and long-term goals? 
  4. How will you maintain the results that we liked from our previous digital agency? 
  5. Have you worked with clients in our industry before? 
  6. Do you outsource to other companies? 
  7. Do you use website templates or create custom designs? 
  8. How do you take care of website security? 
  9. Who is our point of contact with your agency? 
  10. Who will take care of the content creation? 
  11. What is your usual process? 
  12. What is your preferred meeting format and frequency? 
  13. Can we provide you with feedback throughout the process? 
  14. How many revisions are allowed per project? 
  15. What project management tools does your team use? 
  16. What is the timeframe for the project goals presented? 
  17. What monthly tasks and results are included in the contract? 
  18. What does the onboarding process look like? 
  19. Is your agency up-to-date with SEO trends? 
  20. Is your payment structure monthly, hourly, or per project? 

Takeaways On Digital Agencies in Australia

Having a perfect-fitting digital company by your side means mutual understanding and communication. When hiring an agency, take into account the following:  

  • Portfolio  
  • Industry reputation  
  • Cost   

Ask about the company culture and core values because this will define your talks around deadlines, tasks, compensation, etc. 

A team you hire from an Australian digital agency should also have the following skills: 

  • Project management 
  • Written and spoken communications 
  • Presentation skills 
  • Strong analytical skills 

Check out our directory and review the agencies based on reviews, cost, and more. 

Best of luck!


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