15 Best Eyewear Branding Designs You Shouldn’t Miss

15 Best Eyewear Branding Designs You Shouldn’t Miss
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: March 24, 2023

From timeless classics to revolutionary designs, eyewear has taken a step further in recent years, with designers pushing the boundaries and creating incredible pieces that are functional and stylish, as reflected in their branding. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best eyewear designs that showcase the latest trends in the industry. From bold and daring to sleek and understated, this list is your gateway to the best fashion-forward eyewear branding designs.

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[Source: Y AGENCY]

Standout Features:

  • Bold and energetic
  • High color-contrast
  • Geometrical design

OCULTY is an eyewear brand that refreshed its identity with the help of Y AGENCY. The agency provided this international brand with an edgy, bold and high-energy eyewear branding design.

Armed with the theme of smiley faces employed across merchandise and geometric designs positioned against a black background, the designers opted to promote the positive energy behind the brand and its products through a bright neon orange.

The geometric designs are everywhere: in the logotype, the packaging design and the smileys. The rebranded theme gives you the courage to break the rules and set your limits!

The tagline promoting these messages invites the customers to be bold, and all the smiley faces soften the tone while boosting the fun!

2. Candelaria by Diego Gonzalez

[Source: Diego Gonzalez]

Standout Features:

  • Monochromatic photography
  • Hand-drawn gothic art
  • Vibrant pink contrast

Candelaria unites the old and the new: it’s the name of the iconic historical center in Bogotá and a new eyewear brand. Diego Gonzales helped the brand develop its unique identity.

The design features a blend of monochrome photographs, hand-drawn gothic art and modern images of people wearing glasses. This creative layout speaks of the brand’s vision of staying relevant for many years.

The contrast is introduced by a bright neon pink on headlines, central visuals and the CTAs on the website.

3. Umbra Eyewear by Tea Vetyskova

[Source: Tea Vetyskova]

Standout Features:

  • Glamorous and chic
  • Play on words
  • Edgy and inclusive

Umbra Eyewear is for those who dare to live life their way, particularly ladies who make their own rules. Tea Vetyskova developed an eyewear branding design that reflects the brand’s values: feminine, bold and inclusive.

The advertising posters resemble the headlines of the most iconic fashion magazines, only the models are not at the forefront – the brand's eyewear is. We see women of different ages and skin tones embracing their wild sides in a monochromatic setting or engulfed in a devilish red.

The edgy but chic and glamorous tone is represented in the slim tall serif font that refers to the shape of a long shadow. In contrast, the sans serif Archivo Regular adds to the modernity of the brand and overall balances the visual atmosphere.

4. SmartBuyGlasses by Jhonatan Alba

[Source: Jhonatan Alba]

Standout Features:

  • A quirky orange logo
  • Orange-based identity
  • Lively and positive imagery

Jhonatan Alba designed SmartBuyGlasses by creating a unique icon to represent it.

The new, quirky orange logo looks like a diagonally positioned square with sunglasses. Each frame is meant to represent the pillars of the brand’s identity. It encourages having fun, being dynamic and unique, as well as seeing endless possibilities through your new lenses.

Orange is also the primary color of this rebrand, as it complements the lively and optimistic imagery used to market the brand. As a warm, eye-catching and creative-inspiring color, it helps the brand stand out through a laid-back vibe. This is a perfect example of leveraging color psychology to communicate your brand’s message.

Another distinctive aspect is the monochromatic representation of all the separate parts that go into glasses, which can be seen on various merchandise, like tote bags.

5. WAREHOUSE by Aesthetichlo

[Source: Aesthetichlo]

Standout Features:

  • Minimal and brutalist
  • A contrasting, cute mascot
  • Artistic and symbolic

Aesthetichlo’s eyewear design for WAREHOUSE branding combines two seemingly unrelated concepts into a brilliant idea. WAREHOUSE is a place for art that challenges your perception.

The store looks like a colorless, underground bunker devoid of color. The brutalist design is stylistically blended with minimalist fashion displayed on the packaging design, logo and typography. All of these resemble the grey atmosphere found on the store’s walls.

There's also a mascot with a blue shirt and a big green hat, providing high contrast throughout the design. The figure is set on the glass table, looking far into the distance through its classy eyewear. Then you witness the walls of the store full of colorful abstract paintings that bring life into the brutalist setting.

Check out some of the best mascot visuals here.

This rebranding process tells a masterfully crafted story: before you can see everything, life can seem colorless and dull, but with some cool glasses on, your perception of the world may change and become a beautiful exhibition of everyday wonders.

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6. CONES & RODS by Blackink

[Source: Blackink]

Standout Features:

  • Sustainable and ethical
  • Makes you look good and feel good
  • Socially responsible branding

Blackink helped CONES & RODS align its vision and branding through a sleek eyewear design strategy that speaks to the right target audiences while educating its customers about social responsibility.

The rebranding aims to take a stand against “fast fashion” and everything it represents, including the lackluster and unethical ways of conducting business in the eyewear market. The result? A set of modern monochromatic collaterals that manage to communicate all the appeal through simplicity.

The marketing campaign encompasses powerful positive-change messages that address the customers and places them in the leading role of implementing a new, more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. The minimalist geometric-based designs help emphasize these messages, making the owner of CONES & RODS glasses look and feel good!

7. Focus Packaging by Lindsay Frank

[Source: Lindsay Frank]

Standout Features:

  • A distinctive product packaging
  • Geometrical wavy lines
  • Black-and-yellow combo

Designer Lindsay Frank developed a clever, one-of-a-kind packaging design for the fictional sunglass company, Focus, by relying on nothing but paper.

The rectangular box depicts a scaled-up face centered on a black background. The model’s eyes are represented through a set of rectangular blinds that start to shift as you pull the glasses out. The curtains change as the inner packaging leaves the box, letting us see the same model with cool eyewear.

The side panels are decorated with four parallel yellow lines that wave around and continue their flow on the inner packaging, but with a contrasting twist — the inner box is yellow, and the geometrical wavy lines are black.

This creative packaging design is practical and aesthetic, and the easter egg adds another layer to the fun of getting your new shades!

If you like this one, you will enjoy these creative box packaging designs that help the product shine!

8. MO-E Eyewear by Mindy Saepung

[Source: Mindy Saepung]

Standout Features:

  • Japanese art and symbolism
  • Artsy, nature-inspired patterns
  • A bento-box packaging

MO-E Eyewear represents a Japanese line of the Spanish eyewear brand MO. Mindy Saepung added the “-E” to make a wordplay for the target audience, making it more Japanese-like.

The addition is frequently used to display affection towards something or someone, but “mo-e” also translates as “cute.” Hence, the branding process entails a multifaceted design with eye-candy visuals based on the prominent culture of the country.

The affectionate, caring mood is communicated through a bento-box packaging design, as these multi-compartment boxes symbolize empathy and affection towards the receiver in Japan.

The front panel features Japanese artwork in the forefront, with a white window showcasing the product in the bottom left corner. The side panels are decorated with artistic, nature-inspired patterns that help balance a relaxing vibe and a serious, high-quality professional aspect of the brand and its products.

9. SAMA EYEWEAR by Carving-Jo

[Source: Carving-Jo]

Standout Features:

  • Luxurious and flexible
  • Minimal and personal
  • A freeline-drawing logo design

SAMA EYEWEAR’s branding design was created by Carving-Jo, and the agency took extra steps to ensure that the visuals are subtle yet distinctive enough to remain memorable.

The logo design was created through a freeline-drawing technique that pays homage to Arab culture and art through delicate lines and shapes that form the brand’s name. The logo is simple yet complex. It features thick lines in the middle and slim lines near the top and bottom, with a chic touch that makes the first “A” overflow into the following “M” glyph.

A customized icon pinpoints the brand’s initials, marking a personal relationship to the brand through a modern, minimalistic visual. The branding visuals seem luxurious yet flexible, inviting various potential clients to form a connection with SAMA.

10. BRANDO Eyewear by LW Studios

[Source: LW Studios]

Standout Features:

  • Fluid, contrasting “O”
  • Glossy edges
  • Simple and elegant

BRANDO Eyewear emphasizes its products through an "O" so distinctive eyewear branding design developed by LW Studios.

Starting with the logo design that features the brand name in bold with increased spacing, the "O" marks a vital, attention-grabbing contrast point. With the rest of the letters black or grey, the stylized “O” is presented in a glossy shade of gold that breaks the monotony with its shine.

This glyph is circular, a shape that resembles glasses, contact lenses and other central products of an eyewear brand.

The gold touch is also visible near the edges of the brand’s loyalty cards, further signaling its high-end, luxury status. Apart from the logotype and the beautiful calligraphic addition of several Japanese glyphs, the rest is all black and gold, elevating the brand’s power through a simplistic and elegant appeal.

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11. AOA Eyewear by Ampulla Digital

[Source: Ampulla Digital]

Standout Features:

  • Watery visuals
  • Sustainable materials
  • Natural and adventurous

AOA Eyewear wanted to refresh its identity, and Ampulla Digital highlighted all the vital aspects the brand aims to communicate in this eyewear design.

The new logo design perfectly represents the brand. It features blue ocean waves and one vertical wave that resembles a surfboard. The waves are enclosed in a circle that extends into a compass. The logotype has increased spacing, making it adaptable. It can either stand next to the emblem or below it.

What makes this one of the best eyewear designs is how the logo communicates multiple things. It lets the customers know that the products are eco-friendly and made from sustainable materials. The design also represents the adventurous and active people who explore life, enticing potential buyers to explore it, too, with cool eyewear on.

12. L.K. Bieleccy by ideative

[Source: ideative]

Standout Features:

  • A geometric-based design
  • A soft, pleasant color palette
  • An assertive, eye-catching shade of red

Ideative delivered a stunning eyewear design concept for the Bieleccy Optical Salon that drastically improved the brand’s identity recognition.

The first thing you notice is the spiraling light hue in the middle of blue and grey that’s easy on the eyes. This color is dominant across the layout, complementing the vast positive space of extensive content about the brand and its products. The semi-concentric circles form a “b,” the first letter of the brand’s name.

The contrasting element for this lenient, eye-resting color palette is the bold, attention-grabbing red used to highlight important information, including some headlines, the brand logo on the top right, and some other elements.

13. Phyllon Collection for Inhotim Loja by Barbara Luppi

[Source: Barbara Luppi]

Standout Features:

  • Cute tiny doodle art
  • Engraved elements
  • Gradient-based frames

The next best eyewear design on our list is created by Barbara Luppi. The agency found an uncommon similarity between the discovery of chlorophyll and the essence of the Inhotim eyewear brand – both the scientists and the brand wish to assimilate the known and transform it into something new. This is best reflected in the Phyllon line, which comprises eyeglasses with a palette that pays homage to that tremendous scientific breakthrough.

The Phyllon collection encapsulates stunning visuals with tiny, meaningful decorations that will make you smile. It houses eyeglasses with gradient frames. Each one has a cute, small doodle art element engraved on the outer side of the temples and the brand name on the inner side.

The engraved elements represent a different color scheme, and its outline can also be found on the packaging box’s front panel, scaled up.

14. Arte Optik USA by Ruben Chamusca

[Source: Ruben Chamusca]

Standout Features:

  • Modern, minimal and elegant
  • Monochromatic visuals
  • A distinct logo design

Arte Optik wants you to see the world through their lenses. Ruben Chamusca created a stunning eyewear branding design that lets customers see an authentic, modern and elegant world – one that portrays eyewear as a decorative addition to your body rather than a pesky obligation.

The distinctive logo design entails a customized minimalist logotype and an elongated “Q” glyph in the middle (instead of a common “O”). The whole logotype is underlined, and there’s minimal frame representation centered above the “Q,” which makes the glyph look like a large nose that carries the glasses.

The marketing materials and merchandise are minimal and monochromatic, adding another sleek touch to the overall elegance of the brand. The packaging boxes are entirely black, with only the logo printed on the center of the case.

15. Holysun Eyewear by Wellington Oliveira Design

[Source: Wellington Oliveira Design]

Standout Features:

  • A multifaceted logo design
  • Sunny yellow and mysterious black
  • Simple geometry

Wellington Oliveira Design created a branding solution for Holysun Eyewear. This eyewear design encapsulates a variety of symbols associated with eyeglasses and accessories.

The name and visuals were inspired by the sun, eyes and angel’s halo, alluding to the sacred importance of preserving vision. This can best be seen in the logo design, which represents a simple circle and a flat line hovering above it. There’s a letter “H” inside the circle, giving the design a holistic geometric appeal.

The color palette consists of black and a contrasting warm, bright yellow hue, resembling the sun’s rays.

The collaterals for this eyewear design branding combine the colors into many abstract, circular shapes, adding some white to break the monotony. These patterns are visible on the packaging boxes, business cards, and merchandise.

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