14 Best Rebranding Examples With Holistic Transformation And Market Impact

14 Best Rebranding Examples With Holistic Transformation And Market Impact
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: April 27, 2023

Much like humans that evolve across generations, every brand meets its own end of an era. In a constantly changing and competitive landscape, the brands’ need to reinvent their identity is key to staying relevant and ahead of the game.

This is where rebranding comes in.

By reinvigorating their character and persona, brands can showcase their significant growth and development over time. It’s also a great chance to tap into new markets, introduce a unique brand story, or bounce back from a crisis.

From creative logo redesigns to revolutionary sloganeering, a successful rebranding project sparks meaningful change to give customers a one-of-a-kind experience. With that said, let’s look at the best rebranding examples that show how it’s done. Created by some of the most accomplished brand experts, these refreshed visuals reflect the brands' unique qualities and make them stand out!

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1. Tridi Technology by Baht. Design Studio

[Source: Baht. Design Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Bold typography
  • Dominant electric blue
  • Geometric minimalism

Along with expanding its business scope, Tridi, an innovative technology startup working on 3D printing technologies needed an equally progressive branding solution. Baht. Design Studio redesigned the previous handwritten version of the logo to merge the intricate craftsmanship and industrial production with the company's comprehensive B2B focus.

When combined with the simple geometric, lowercase, sans-serif font, the electric blue background, geometric grid, and sharp, 45-degree angles capture the process of 3D printing, and corporate professionalism while simultaneously staying clear, charming, and accessible.

2. Do Tambo by Nektar Design

[Source: Nektar Design]

Standout Features:

  • Romantic and rural feeling
  • Combination of minimal and traditional aesthetic
  • Semi-clear containers

Do Tambo produces tasty artisanal yogurt. Simple as that. Their updated, fresh branding, courtesy of the aptly named Nektar Design, leverages that simplicity and puts the traditional, natural yogurts front and center.

The agency preserved the original bucket symbol and gave it a slight twist retaining the essential values ​​of the brand, its delicate, romantic, classic, and handcrafted origin story, and combined it with the streamlined minimalism trends of today. In addition to the rebranding of the visual identity, Nektar redesigned the packaging that leave the product as much as possible on display.

3. SigScale Logo by Silk Road Studio

[Source: Silk Road Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Future-forward and energetic design
  • Evocative color story
  • Contemporary, tech-oriented typography

Despite the techy zig-zag emblem, designing SigScale's new brand identity, was a smooth ride for Silk Road Studio. Puns aside, just by glancing at the company's new logo, you could subconsciously identify its core values - professionalism, passion, and innovation.

It's all about the palette that masterfully breaks the conventional mold of the impressive, albeit fairly corporate-looking logo design. The warm orange radiates energy while the cool, seafoam green expresses professionalism. The backslash placed inside the angle brackets embodies SigScale's innovative approach to programming effortlessly positioning it as a brand that offers top-rated software solutions.

To sum it all up, the new Sigscale logo is refreshing and futuristic, making onlookers feel excited about what the future brings.

4. Findlay Market by Eric Rutherford

[Source: Eric Rutherford]

Standout Features:

  • Clean and contemporary logo redesign
  • Deep and vibrant color story
  • Large and colorful illustrations

Findlay Market is Ohio's longest-running public market and one of Cincinnati's historical treasures. It has remained a bustling center of farm-fresh, locally sourced, artisanal, and specialty foods for over two centuries now.

For this rebranding project, Eric Rutherford did a massive visual overhaul without taking away the brand’s roots. The result? A timeless brand identity, presented in a brighter and more expressive fashion.

One of the key brand assets that got an upgrade is the logo. Findlay Market’s existing logo needed a facelift from its classic look. The vintage arc-style ensemble was getting a little too dated in the mix of more modern, minimalist, and dynamic designs within its league.

The design agency elevated the whole look by employing a more simplistic and streamlined approach. They chose to omit the shaped text block to reveal the brand name in an open space. Written in bold typeface, now it is much easier on the eye and more interesting to look at!

The key elements are still there: the Cincinnati label, the year of establishment, and the iconic tomato icon. This is a great nod to the institution’s long-lived history, which the current demographics still resonate with.

But even if you’re a newcomer to Findlay Market, its story is instantly distinguishable with this clear and straightforward design.

Using a contrast of deep and vibrant colors also breathed new life into the brand’s aesthetic. Mixing green, oranges, brown, blue, and purple sounds like a bit of a color mess. But in this case, it totally works. The designer strategically blended these colors to display stunning variations and contrasts in the marketing collaterals.

And for the most part, this palette perfectly represents the institution’s dynamic audience and the large basket of options in the market.

They also made the large illustrations pop. Print advertising materials like posters, banners, and branded merchandising are stamped with fun graphic images of fruits, vegetables, and other local produce.

Collectively, these elements successfully translate to a more food and people-focused brand personality.

5. Star Barber by Ulysses Design Co.

[Source: Ulysses Design Co.]

Standout Features:

  • Retro-style hand-drawn illustrations
  • Bold typography
  • Vibrant and gender-neutral color contrast

Star Barber paired up with Ulysses Design Co. to create a more playful and inclusive brand identity.

With the coming of a new owner, the popular barbershop in Star Village decided to retire its hyper-masculine and unapproachable character. In this new era, the establishment started opening its doors to a more progressive clientele where everybody, not just the lads, is welcome.

As brand strategists and identity designers, the folks at Ulysses reworked the brand’s image around three user personas: a trendy young male, a feminist activist, and a footy dad. The challenge was to create a bold rebrand that would resonate well with these three demographics.

To realize that, the designers went for a maximalist approach – a complete departure from the brand’s existing plain and minimal design. They went with a vibrant color combination of blue and orange, which served as the main theme for the entire branding. With this massive color pop, the palette alone already delivers a loud statement. But the fact that this color pairing is very much gender-neutral immediately ticks the inclusivity box.

And it doesn’t end there. This color story is further complemented by the bold typography infused with that classic retro vibe. From the logo to actual marketing materials, the 80s-inspired fonts and layouts effectively bring out the brand’s fun and outgoing personality. Great way to spice things up!

Using straightforward and catchy advertising kickers like “we have beer” and “quality cuts for all” also instantly draws the audience in. This vintage style of sloganeering follows through with the brand’s classic yet timeless aesthetic.

Pairing them with simple yet dynamic hand-drawn illustrations is also a power move. Besides the extra visual treat, they also add flavor to the text descriptions.

6. Teach Our Children Inc. by Three Sugars Creative

[Source: Three Sugars Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Colorful and youthful logotype
  • Classroom-inspired visuals and illustrations
  • Simple yet dynamic typography

Learning should be fun and interactive, and that’s precisely what Teach Our Children Inc. was going for with this rebranded design courtesy of Three Sugars Creative.

In need of a new look, the company tapped the design agency to do a complete reworking of its brand identity including the logotype, symbol design, some social media imagery, and other marketing and branding materials.

It’s the logo that takes center stage here. What used to be an overly simple and unappealing logo design has now evolved into a more eccentric and lively presentation.

The designers spelled out the brand name in an artsy typeface that has a youthful and sprightly vibe. To add more life to it, the letters have a multicolor character. Each one is in a different color like green, blue, orange, white, yellow, or pink. With this style choice, audiences can instantly connect with the brand's story and mission.

Pairing the artistic logo with simplistic and straightforward typography balances everything out. A singular Montserrat font is used to display text descriptions and key advertising messages to keep things simple and streamlined.

The designers also added a main graphic illustration that goes well with the logo. It’s an image outline of a boy and a girl to properly represent that organization’s constituents. The illustration is instantly recognizable, too. So even without looking at the spelled-out logo, this image alone can spark brand recognition.

A handful of outlined icons also add dynamics to the overall aesthetic. Simple vectors of learning instruments like art canvases, laboratory tools, footballs, graphs, light bulbs, and graduation caps are great and head-on visual representations of the brand as a whole.

Apart from aesthetics, these graphic illustrations convey what kids can learn from the organization. Having badge-style variants of these icons also delivers that nostalgic feeling of being awarded in school.

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7. SBS Golf Network by HELIX D

[Source: HELIX D]

Standout Features:

  • 3D shapes and illustrations
  • Fresh and cool color palette
  • Design-integrated visual transitions

Golf is one of the most popular sports in South Korea, and to satiate the viewers’ thirst for action, SBS Golf Network tapped the dynamic design services of HELIX D for this rebranding project.

As a digital agency that specializes in art, design, and motion, the designers focused on creating a visual design that would give an action-filled experience for the massive Korean audience.

The most noticeable rework is the use of 3D spherical shapes and illustrations that serve an arresting and almost hypnotizing visual display. The white ridges create an illusion of movement, like an actual golf ball circling down the cup. Great to keep the viewers hooked!

This creative element is properly integrated into the network’s transitions for the broadcast. Multiple variants of these 3D visuals are incorporated into the scene transitions. They come in various geometric shapes, landscapes, and layouts to add dynamics and elevate the overall aesthetic.

Brand letters and advertising slogans take the form of 3D illustrations, too. Up to the last detail, everything looks consistent and cohesive!

With such a complex design, using a simple color palette is a smart choice. A slightly muted and cool-toned combination of white and green helps drive focus into the visuals instead of competing with them. It adds a relaxing and nature-inspired vibe to the images, too, which perfectly suits the kind of environment where golf is played.

Another thing that balances out the spectacular 3D elements is the static white TV overlays that get flashed during a broadcast. No outrageous images, transitions, and fonts are in sight. Just a simple plain text card so as not to distract the viewers from enjoying the show.

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8. Lupta by Studio Sch

[Source: Studio Sch]

Standout Features:

  • Future-forward identity design
  • Beautifully shot, high-contrast images
  • Straightforward messaging and sloganeering

Lupta is a British jewelry brand that also offers visual consultancy services. Their identity is centered on authenticity, creativity, and experience. Through their unique jewelry pieces, they aim to meet and empower people from all walks of life while still achieving business sustainability.

The branding dilemma? The company’s push for inclusivity and diversity isn’t properly conveyed through its previous brand assets.

To solve this, a rebranding project was set into motion with the help of Brazil-based design agency Studio Sch. The designers developed a distinct brand character with the key messaging that Lupta “believes in the beauty in every form of being.”

The agency put diversity right into the spotlight by showing captivating images of people from different backgrounds wearing the client’s jewelry pieces. These sharp and high-contrast snapshots reflect the brand’s strong character that embraces everyone across the human spectrum.

These stunning images are complemented by bold colors like bright red, orange, and black to further highlight the brand’s fierce and unapologetic identity.

A redesigned logo also reflects this newfound vigor and personality. As a brand that banks on technological advancements, Lupta’s new logo took the more industrial design route and it paid off. The sharp-cut edges and cyber reality-inspired typeface represent the brand’s modern sensibilities.

To put things into perspective, the designers also added direct and straightforward branding messages to effectively convey the company’s advocacy. Slogans like “you don’t need to change for anyone” and “be ugly, be weird, be whatever you want to be” have an instant hook and perfectly encapsulate the brand story and mission.

With such a massive branding overhaul, Lupta was able to position itself in the European market as a future-forward online alternative jewelry store and visual consultancy agency that welcomes diversity and inclusion.

9. Nasiol by Raphael Iglesias

[Source: Raphael Iglesias]

Standout Features:

  • Elegant and edgy logo remodeling
  • Premium packaging design
  • Sleek and sophisticated visual elements

Nasiol is a pioneering manufacturer of automotive surface protection materials, specializing in nanotechnology. As a global brand, Nasiol has products that are widely considered to be the industry’s best.

But here’s the problem.

Despite having the most expensive offerings on the market, the brand was not perceived as premium. So, the company tapped on the rebranding expertise of Raphael Iglesias to rework the company’s global brand positioning and visual identity to highlight its high-end label.

Starting with the logo, the designer updated the existing one by completely reinventing the shield icon, changing the typeface, and omitting the old-fashioned “Love & Protect the Original” tagline.

The new logo design now features the singular “Nasiol” brand name, enclosed in a shield-like frame to highlight surface protection and sustain its brand recall. It looks clean and simple, but also way more elegant and high-grade compared to the previous one.

Another thing that catches the eye is the consistent dark aesthetic across all brand assets. There are no crazy color combos here — just pitch-black, gray and white all over.

They also used simple pairings of sans-serif fonts to keep everything sleek and streamlined. This style choice is carried throughout the print marketing materials, company merch and packaging design.

For a premium automotive brand, nothing speaks more luxurious than this!

10. ICONS by GBX Studio

[Source: GBX Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Spherical figures as the main theme
  • Fresh and approachable color palette
  • Balance of professional and experimental character

ICONS is a pioneering research organization that specializes in science communication, as well as social and business innovation.

To unify its functions and achieve full-scale development, the institution decided to rework its brand architecture with the help of GBX Studio. And the result is utterly impeccable.

Highlighting ICONS’s open view of culture, the brand strategists developed a concept that revolves around key sources. They took inspiration from iconic symbols of music, astronomy, history, and biology, then formed a multi-faceted yet refined brand identity.

To visualize this, they created the “virtuous circle of innovation,” which is an illustration that encompasses the organization’s core values: the centrality of people, open culture, and harmonic development.

The spherical figures are also a recurring design element across all brand assets. The “ICONS” logo bears the circle shape in place of the letter O, the printed learning materials and marketing collaterals have circular outlines, and so on.

The tricolor palette consisting of blue, white, and black also highlights the brand’s inclination towards space exploration and scientific development. From a design perspective, this color representation gives the brand a fresh and approachable character, keeping everything crisp and easy on the eyes.

11. Primex by Identity Brandcom

[Source: Identity Brandcom]

Standout Features:

  • Contemporary logo design
  • Two-toned color theme
  • Large product labels

Needing to step up its brand positioning, Primex linked up with Identity Brandcom to execute a comprehensive rebranding project.

The goal was to establish Primex as a leading and premium choice for mobile phone accessories and spare parts, so as not to get lost in the mix of cheap and substandard options in the market.

The design agency successfully executed the brief by completely reworking all the brand assets.

Previously, the brand logo included a "boxed-in" brand name with typography that was challenging to read. Now, the agency has transformed it into a clean, modern, and instantly recognizable ensemble.

They removed the frame to expose the “Primex” brand name in open space, making it easier to read. They also added a triangular brandmark that has a two-fold symbolism: an abstraction of the letter P and a flag that signifies victory or market dominance.

Below the logo sits the tagline “Above Ordinary,” which immediately positions the brand as a high-quality and top-end option.

For easy brand recognition, the designers chose to keep the original colors: violet and white, with the latter as the main canvas. This light and dark contrast makes every brand asset more visually appealing while adding that clean and sophisticated touch.

They also properly highlighted the product labels by making them the center of attraction. Large, printed texts that read “Bang Bang,” “Boom” and “Bolt” are great advertising hooks that effectively draw the audience in.

12. Daksh Healthcare by Tree Creative

[Source: Daksh Healthcare]

Standout Features:

  • Modern and clean logo remodeling
  • Recurring logo themes
  • Outlined medical illustrations

Daksh Healthcare is well on its way to becoming the best pharmaceutical and surgical equipment distributor in Chhattisgarh.

As one of India’s largest glove importers, its quality and credibility are top of the line. And with this new branding strategy by Tree Creative, the company successfully retained its elite status.

First, let’s talk about the amazing before-and-after logo transformation.

The designers completely remodeled the previous one by creating a more unified and contemporary illustration. They changed the two-icon ensemble into a singular complex image for a cleaner and more sophisticated look. The brand name is also written in a single font and color that's way more legible and distinguishable.

For brand recall, the logo icon is incorporated in almost all the brand assets like business cards, packaging, company merchandise, and so on. The outlined figure of the Daksh icon is seen as a recurring visual theme in many layouts.

To keep things crisp and streamlined, the designers kept the minimal aesthetic when adding outlined illustrations of medical equipment like gloves, masks, and medicines.

And finally, the thing that holds all these elements together is the fresh and cool color palette.

White and royal blue serve as the main color combinations for the visuals. A touch of light blue is also thrown in there for an extra pop of color. This simplistic and straightforward color story perfectly introduces the brand to the modern world.

13. Capnamic by Fiction Design

Source: Capnamic

Standout Features:

  • Clean and contemporary logo redesign
  • Sharp and abstract photography
  • Minimalist geometric visuals

With significant growth in portfolio, manpower, and investment funding, Capnamic was due for a rebrand — one that would launch the company as a global tech venture capital firm.

For this transformation project, Capnamic found its match in Fiction Design, a design agency that works with innovative brands with bold ideas.

One of the best things to come out of this collaboration is the new and improved logo design. With the goal to “bring Germany into the digital age,” the company said goodbye to its old logotype and welcomed a more simplistic and future-forward aesthetic.

The brand name is written in a single sans-serif font for a streamlined look and to give way to the flashy yellow logo symbol. The designers also highlighted the fusion of the words “capital” and “dynamic” by incorporating a slashed half-sphere shape, effectively reintroducing Capnamic as a modern and established brand.

We see the brand color properly integrated across all the brand assets, so they get extra points for cohesiveness! Plus, the bright yellow against neutral colors like black, white, and grey gives the overall aesthetic the perfect amount of contrast and color pop.

The designers went with realistic images with muted backgrounds for clean and clear visual storytelling. They paired these sharp visuals with the brand’s colors, gradient patterns, and more geometric shapes and backgrounds, which added some flair to the minimalist look.

They also used abstract photography in most printed marketing and advertising materials, effectively conveying the idea of Capnamic bringing tech startups into the future. And as icing on the cake, each photograph depicts how technology hugely impacts the world we live in today.

14. Golden Empire by B360 Marketing Consulting Firm

[Source: Golden Empire]

Standout Features:

  • Streamlined design
  • Refined typography
  • Well-chosen palette

Golden Empire is a premium and luxurious hotel that nurtures the highest international standards inspiring its clientele to feel like emperors and/or empresses. Previously, affiliated with Grand Mercure Group, Golden Empire departed the franchise aiming to spread its..., well, empire and become a paragon of the hospitality industry.

Enter B360 Marketing Consulting Firm! The agency redefined GE's already impressive branding and positioned it as THE top luxury hotel in Myanmar by creating a truly unique identity.

They took the initial letter G from Golden and E from Empire as well as the characteristics and elements of both letters: the circular shape of “G” and the liner shape of “E” to form a unique logo that belongs to GOLDEN EMPIRE.

One glance at the new branding initiative embodies the people's striving for greatness in their lives. Achieving that greatness needs a powerful feeling and Golden Empire delivers. Its logo inspires confidence, a power to break your limits and powerful confidence is the key to conquering the day, starting from one of GE's royal suites.

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