What Makes Mobile App Development Companies in Charlotte, NC Unique?

Charlotte has become a major tech hub. In the last ten years, the city’s tech community has nearly doubled.  

According to Comptia’s 2021 Cyberstates report, Charlotte ranks 12th in the nation by jobs added in the technology industry.  

In 2021, Charlotte had a total of 73,287 tech occupations, among which:

  • 16,230 web and software developers, programmers and QA specialists 
  • 13,509 cybersecurity analysts and systems engineers 
  • 7, 585 IT support specialists 
  • 7,219 network administrators, architects and support 

This data clearly indicates that mobile app development companies in Charlotte, NC hire qualified tech talents who can offer quality and competitive services.  

Apart from outsourcing national competitive services, Charlotte mobile app developers may help you gain an edge over your competition due to their local market experience.  

They have developed their expertise in the area’s most prominent industries:  

  • Advanced manufacturing 
  • Logistics and distribution 
  • Financial services 
  • Healthcare 
  • Information technology 
  • Headquarters 

Having worked predominantly with local clients, these specialists hold unique insights into the above industries which allows them to deliver great results for businesses in these sectors.

charlotte mobile app dev: downtown
Charlotte, NC firms hire qualified tech talents who offer high-quality services  

What Do Charlotte Mobile App Developers Specialize in? 

As their equals around the U.S., Charlotte mobile app developers specialize in developing highly-functional mobile applications for various platforms.

They tackle each client single-mindedly, analyzing in-depth their business goals and unique requirements to determine the best software development approach for their project.

This process helps them create an app that quenches users’ specific issues or needs. Their main focus is to provide the user with an excellent experience. Developing user-centered mobile applications helps their clients reach goals such as:

  • Build brand awareness 
  • Establish brand recognition 
  • Enhance customer engagement 
  • Increase customer retention 
  • Nurture customer loyalty 
  • Improve business accessibility 
  • Boost revenue  
  • And more

These app specialists typically have the following responsibilities:

  • Designing and programming applications for  
  • Conducting market research 
  • Performing competitive analysis 
  • Identifying key app features and functionalities 
  • Developing databases 
  • Integrating APIs 
  • Securing applications 
  • Conducting QA testing 
  • UX/UI testing 
  • Maintaining applications 
  • Developing AR/VR applications 
  • Developing blockchain applications 
  • And more 
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How Much Do Charlotte App Development Services Cost? 

It’s extremely difficult to ascertain the cost of mobile applications due to its many variables. It entirely depends on its complexity, scope, features and functionalities and so on.  

In general, mobile app development is a costly enterprise with an average price range between $100,000 and $300,000. Here’s a cost breakdown according to app complexity:  

  • $1,500 – $5,000 for simple apps 
  • $10,000 – $50,000 for moderately complex apps 
  • $50,000 – $250,000+ for highly complex apps 

The easiest way to know in advance how much a mobile application will cost is to calculate the time spent on its creation, design and features.

Mobile app development companies in Charlotte, NC charge between $50 and $199 per hour. The cost per hour varies significantly from one developer to another, based on these core elements:

  • The app company’s seniority, reputation and size 
  • The app company’s specialization and area of expertise 
  • Your project’s complexity, scope and timeline 
  • Your project’s requirements (the type of app, number of features, etc.) 

Why Should You Hire Charlotte App Development Companies?

These are the top reasons why you should hire a mobile app development company in Charlotte, NC:

1. Access to top-notch tech talent 

Charlotte is now known as a strong American technology hub. The city is attracting both skilled talent, tech startups and business investments.  

Hiring Charlotte mobile app developers will give you access to a pool of competent and creative specialists who can help you launch an outstanding product.  

2. Local market experience 

As we already stated, the local app development companies have gathered in-depth knowledge of the:  

  • Local industries 
  • Local business ecosystem 
  • Local audiences 
  • Industry trends 
  • Key competitors 
  • Market opportunities 
  • And more 

They have a deep understanding of these sectors entanglements and challenges which enables them to produce user-centric and high-performing mobile applications for clients in these industries.  

This unique feature makes the local app companies stand out from all their peers in the rest of the United States.  

3. Quality services at market rates 

Charlotte’s cost of living is 5% below the national average. When compared to other tech hubs like Miami, for example, the largest city in North Carolina is over 8% less expensive. 

This suggests that Charlotte app development agencies may provide the same quality of services at more accessible hourly rates.  

How To Select The Right Mobile App Development Company in Charlotte, NC 

Being one of the fastest-growing tech cities in the U.S., Charlotte houses a wealth of qualified app development companies. Finding the most suitable team for your project is definitely a challenging task and might get exhausting.

Before actually searching the web for the right mobile app development company in Charlotte, NC, it’s crucial to:

  • Have clear requirements specifications 
  • Know desired functionalities and features  
  • Establish your budget 
  • Set a deadline

Then, make sure to consider the following factors when screening potential partners:

1. UX design 

Choose a mobile app development company in Charlotte, NC that can create an app with an engaging user experience. They should be able to develop an intuitive app design with a flowing structure. This aspect is not up for discussion, it’s a high-value component that can make or break your mobile application.

The ability to convert visitors into paying customers lies in professional UX design.  

2. Maintenance 

Mobile apps require regular maintenance to work at peak functionality. Your future company should provide this service next to development and ensure your app is constantly updated.  

3. Security 

A highly-functional app also needs high security. Ensure your developer implements best practices to protect your product against hacking. 

In addition to app features, also take into account these elements:  

  • Specialization: You can find app developers that create mobile apps for both operating systems, iOS and Android, or even cross-platforms. However, you can find Charlotte Android app development companies that only deliver apps for Android. Be sure what you’re looking to create right from the start and do your search accordingly. 
  • Branding: When it comes to mobile applications, instilling your unique brand elements into your product is essential for delivering a smooth user experience as well as reach business success.  
  • Portfolios: Explore potential partners’ past projects and case studies. They will provide insights into their technical abilities, creativity, niche experience and more.  
  • Reviews: Read all of these companies’ customer reviews to find out whether they are reliable, flexible, transparent and altogether professional.
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15 Questions To Ask Charlotte Mobile App Developers 

It’s not easy selecting the right team for your app development project.

Make sure to consider all the aspects above when searching for the best agency partner. If you feel stuck in your research process, head to our Marketplace and tell us about your project requirements and business needs.

Our agency experts can lend their extensive experience to helping you find a match for your project. We understand how overwhelming and difficult recruiting agencies can be and that’s why we are providing this service for free.

However, if you were productive with your research and singled out only a few potential mobile app development companies in Charlotte, NC, ask them this series of questions:

  1. Have you worked with clients in the same or similar industry? 
  2. What does your app development process look like? Will you create a strategy based on our needs prior to starting the project? 
  3. Have you built knowledge in our niche? Do you understand our target market and competition? 
  4. How experienced are the mobile app developers working on our project? 
  5. How will you ensure a seamless UX? 
  6. Is QA testing included in your core package or is it a separate service? 
  7. Do you have the resources to also promote our mobile application? 
  8. Do you provide post-launch app maintenance and support? 
  9. How will you secure our mobile app? 
  10. On what platforms should we launch our app? 
  11. How will you track and measure the success of our application? 
  12. How much will the application cost? 
  13. How do you stay abreast of the latest trends in mobile app development? 
  14. Will our company own the mobile application after the launch? 
  15. What is your desired channel of communication?

Takeaways on Mobile App Development Companies in Charlotte, NC 

The reasons why mobile app development companies in Charlotte, NC are in high demand right now are: 

  • A vibrant tech community 
  • Local market expertise 
  • Services at market rates

Charlotte mobile app developers usually charge you between $50 and $199 per hour.  

To find the right mobile app development company in Charlotte, NC for your upcoming project, take these steps:  

  • Set your budget 
  • Define your project requirements 
  • Establish a deadline 
  • Explore their portfolios and user reviews 
  • Find out how they can protect your app  

The developers should be responsible for:  

  • Conducting market research 
  • Prioritizing UX design 
  • Having expertise in your niche 
  • Focusing on consistent branding 
  • Providing after-launch support and maintenance 

Best of luck with your research!


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