The Most Downloaded Apps For Android And Apple In 2023

The Most Downloaded Apps For Android And Apple In 2023
Article by Maria MartinMaria Martin
Last Updated: January 03, 2022

Studies show that most Americans check their mobile phone every 12 minutes, on average. 

What's more? Upwards of 90 percent of the time that consumers spend on their phone is dedicated to apps. 

Because there are more than 2.7 billion smartphone users globally, mobile apps are an even more lucrative way to increase brand awareness, improve revenue, and ultimately grow a business. 

Although 2023 may not be over, we looked into the most downloaded apps for both Android and Apple iOS devices of 2023

By exploring Q1 downloads, which aggregates data from January to March of this year, we're able to see what industries and genres perform well in the market.

Thus, businesses and the app development companies who help to build their mobile platforms can also determine emerging trends, user experience improvements, and better compete in 2023 and beyond, too. 

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The Most Downloaded Apps of 2023 (Quarter 1) 

  1. WhatsApp
  2. Facebook Messenger
  3. TikTok
  4. Facebook 
  5. Instagram
  6. SHAREit
  7. YouTube
  8. LIKE Video
  9. Netflix
  10. Snapchat 

The most downloaded apps listed above gather data from both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

However, it is important to note that Google Play downloads far exceeded the number of iOS user downloads for all applications.

Social media apps such as Snapchat, Facebook (and its partner, Messenger) and Instagram remained on both operating systems' shortlists, signaling that consumers still crave quick connection through the palms of their hands.

In fact, 75 percent of male internet users and a whopping 83 percent of female internet users are active Facebook users, according to Wordstream.

However, it's the rising popularity of YouTube, Netflix and Spotify (which clocked in at no. 11) that demonstrate a movement towards entertainment instead of news.

For instance, although YouTube technically allows users to access clips of information, we all know it hosts much more than that. Plus, it captures more 18-49-year-olds than any cable network in the United States, according to the video publisher itself. 

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Most Downloaded iPhone Apps of 2023 (Q1)

  1. TikTok
  2. YouTube
  3. Instagram
  4. WhatsApp
  5. Facebook Messenger
  6. Facebook
  7. Netflix
  8. Google Maps
  9. Study the Great Nation
  10. Gmail

Notably, the most popular Apple App Store apps of Q1 2023 shift a bit more towards entertainment, with TikTok and YouTube moving up a few points on the list. 

In addition, Google Maps gains significant popularity when you look at Apple customers. This is likely because Apple devices come with an in-house navigation app, and consumers probably prefer the information and interface in Google Maps. 

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Most Downloaded Android Apps of 2023 (Q1)

  1. WhatsApp
  2. Facebook Messenger
  3. TikTok
  4. Facebook
  5. Instagram
  6. SHAREit
  7. LIKE Video
  8. UC Browser
  9. Biugo
  10. Hotstar

The most popular Android apps have a clear shift towards an international market, as evidenced by the Singapore and China-based web browser UC browser and WhatsApp, which is frequently used for international communication and texting via WiFi, especially for users without iMessage access. 

Android users also have a propensity for productivity-centric mobile apps. For example, SHAREit allows users to quickly and easily transfer files, while Biugo enables seamless video editing directly from a smartphone. 

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Most Downloaded iPhone Apps of 2023

  1. YouTube
  2. Instagram
  3. Snapchat
  4. Facebook Messenger
  5. Facebook
  6. Bitmoji
  7. Netflix
  8. Google Maps
  9. Gmail
  10. Spotify 

Something interesting to note between the popular iPhone apps listed above and the Android list (below) is the difference in application preference between mobile users. 

While there are plenty of similarities between Android and iPhone users, like Instagram and Facebook Messenger, ultimately, Apple consumers gravitate towards traditional entertainment ever-so-slightly. Notice the prevalence of YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify. 

Meanwhile, you'll find that Android users are drawn to games when seeking entertainment. 

(It's also important to note that these most downloaded apps for iPhone are all free.)

Most Downloaded Android Apps of 2023

  1. Facebook
  2. Facebook Messenger
  3. WhatsApp
  4. Instagram
  5. Skype
  6. Subway Surfers
  7. Twitter
  8. Clean Master: Space Cleaner & Antivirus
  9. Candy Crush Saga
  10. Snapchat 

Although there are some games that top the list -- such as Subway Surfers (no. 6) and Candy Crush (no. 9), Android's most popular apps from last year show us that Android users gravitate towards social platforms, communication-centric apps, and applications that increase productivity. 

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