What Makes Fort Lauderdale SEO Companies Unique

Boasting three international airports, Fort Lauderdale is the USA’s gateway to Latin America and a major business center. According to the City Of Fort Lauderdale Business Support Center, roughly 200 international, national and regional companies are headquartered in the city.

The primary reasons why Fort Lauderdale attracts so many business investments are:

  • Easy access to global markets: Located in the state of Florida and just 40km outside of Miami, Fort Lauderdale enjoys a convenient strategic location that allows easy access to multiple international markets.
  • Business-friendly environment: The city has no income tax and benefits from a 6% sales tax, which is slightly lower than in other parts of the U.S.
  • Diverse workforce: Fort Lauderdale is home to a multilingual labor force where 29.92% of workers speak other languages than English.

The cost of living in Fort Lauderdale is 16% higher than the national average. Given the more expensive lifestyle, you can expect that only the best-performing SEO agencies are based in Fort Lauderdale.

Plenty of renowned brands operate under Fort Lauderdale’s sky, including:

  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • American Express
  • Royal Caribbean Group
  • Citrix
  • Uber
  • J.P Morgan
  • And more

These conglomerates focus on search engine optimization to better structure their far-reaching digital marketing strategies. The fact that they are based in Fort Lauderdale means they can most likely source these services easily.

We can safely assume that Fort Lauderdale SEO companies:

  • Provide high-quality work up to the standards of their top clients
  • Offer internationally competitive services
  • Use the best tools and resources
  • Deliver large scale and challenging projects
  • Stay on top of the latest industry trends and insights

What Services Can You Outsource To A Fort Lauderdale SEO Agency?

Fort Lauderdale SEO companies offer standard SEO packages comprising the core areas of search engine optimization.

Unlike other SEO firms in the country, these local SEO specialists tend to excel in delivering winning projects for businesses within the locally dominant sectors:

  • Tourism
  • Financial services
  • International trade
  • Software technology

In general, the local SEO agencies provide these services:

  • SEO audit: They evaluate their clients’ websites back-to-back to identify issues that might hurt their organic traffic and rankings in search. This thorough review will uncover:
    • Technical SEO issues
    • On-page SEO problems
    • Site architecture issues
    • Probable off-site issues
    • User experience problems
    • Content gaps and SEO opportunities
    • Competitive market insights
    • And more
  • Technical SEO: Fort Lauderdale SEO agencies apply backend techniques to help the client’s website get crawled and indexed by search engines. These include:
    • Website speed
    • Mobile-optimization
    • Structured data markup
    • Security
    • And more
  • On-page SEO: They develop and implement comprehensive on-site strategies to improve the website’s rankings and organic traffic. They conduct in-depth keyword research to fully optimize:
    • Content
    • Title tags
    • Images
    • Alt tags
    • URLs
    • Meta descriptions
    • And more
  • Off-page SEO: Fort Lauderdale search engine optimization companies engage in activities outside of the client’s website to increase their domain authority and brand reputation, which will lead to better rankings. These may include:
    • Link building
    • Press mentions
    • Guest posting
    • Influencer outreach
    • Social media engagement
    • And more
  • Local SEO: They can also implement strategies to help your website increase visibility in your local area and rank higher in local search results. These may cover:
    • Google My Business profile
    • Voice search optimization
    • Local-focused content
    • And more
  • eCommerce SEO: Some companies also offer niche specialized services such as eCommerce SEO and can execute strategies specifically for online stores to boost their conversions and sales.

Some Fort Lauderdale SEO companies provide extra services to help their clients bolster their online presence. These may include, but are not limited to:

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How Much Do SEO Services In Fort Lauderdale Cost?

The cost of SEO services in Fort Lauderdale generally varies based on several factors such as:

  • Agency size
  • Agency reputation
  • Project scope
  • Project complexity
  • Project timeline

Most Fort Lauderdale search engine optimization firms charge their services by the hour, asking between $100 and $149, on average. Besides the hourly pricing, the local SEO agencies bill by the project. In this case, the majority ask for a starting price of $5,000.

Why Should You Hire A Fort Lauderdale SEO Company?

Here are the main reasons why you should outsource SEO services in Fort Lauderdale:

Reason #1: Access To Top Talent

Famed for its beautiful beaches and 246 sunny days per year, Fort Lauderdale is a welcoming destination not only for tourists but also for skilled talent from across the country.

Boasting a business-friendly climate, Fort Lauderdale hosts many reputable companies that offer promising employment opportunities. The city draws both young and accomplished talent that want to boost their careers and enjoy all-year sunny weather.

In fact, the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach is among the top metropolitan U.S areas with the highest employment in marketing specialists. In 2020, 15,270 people were working in this field.

Therefore, handling your project to a Fort Lauderdale SEO company will grant you access to an experienced pool of experts who can surely provide nationally competitive services.

Reason #2: Bilingual resources

Located in Florida, the eighth-most diverse state in the U.S., Fort Lauderdale enjoys a multicultural workforce where the second-most spoken language is Spanish.

As such, compared to other similar entities, Fort Lauderdale SEO companies bring bilingual resources to the table. They can easily connect with audiences from different cultural backgrounds and can help you reach and engage global markets.

This is a unique feature that could contribute to your business growth and give you a significant edge over your competitors.

Reason #3: Local Market Expertise

Living and operating in the city, Fort Lauderdale SEO agencies have accumulated tremendous expertise in the area’s predominant industries.

These SEO experts are well-versed in:

  • Local business ecosystem
  • Industry-wide keywords
  • Clients’ competitors
  • Clients’ target audience

Thanks to this solid knowledge, SEO specialists based in Fort Lauderdale are able to create and implement more effective strategies for clients within these particular sectors.

This is another component that makes them different from their US-based competitors. These local companies can offer valuable insights into the local scene that could help your business stay ahead of the competition.

How To Choose The Right SEO Services In Fort Lauderdale For Your Business

Before researching your potential SEO service providers, be sure to clearly define:

  • Your business goals: Reflect on what you want to achieve by partnering with an SEO company. Do you need a long-term strategy to substantially grow your website? Or are you only looking to fix some pressing issues?
  • Your budget: Based on your objectives, make sure to determine how much you’re prepared to invest in search engine optimization.

Then, follow these key steps to find the right SEO services in Fort Lauderdale for your project:

Step #1: Verify Their Experience And Expertise

An SEO agency that will run successful campaigns and deliver concrete results has a proven experience in the industry and can demonstrate its expertise through successful projects and happy clients.

DesignRush team of experts carefully selected the leading Fort Lauderdale SEO companies and created agency profiles based on:

  • Portfolio quality
  • Client reviews
  • Industry expertise

Dive into all these sections to gain insights into these agencies’:

  • Ability to deliver results
  • Work performance
  • Creativity
  • Credibility
  • Reliability
  • Transparency
  • Leadership
  • Company culture
  • And more

Step #2: Learn About Their SEO Toolbox

It’s crucial to find out what type of SEO tools an agency has access to. Some of the top Fort Lauderdale SEO companies use premium tools such as:

  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush
  • Moz

These are highly important for effective SEO tasks such as:

  • Accurate keyword research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Tracking and measuring results
  • Researching search intent
  • And more

To take advantage of all the SEO opportunities that may come your way and not fall behind your competition, select an SEO provider who knows how to leverage these tools to your advantage.

Step #3: Assess Their Workflow Process

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process that requires skill, dedication and constant search for improvement to generate online business growth.

To nail down successful SEO in the long run, your future partner should:

  • Understand your business and your niche
  • Set the right KPIs to monitor
  • Prepare analytical reports
  • Constantly tweak strategy based on data
  • Keep you informed about their progress

Make sure the Fort Lauderdale SEO agency you choose follows well-structured processes to deliver the best results possible.

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10 Questions To Ask Fort Lauderdale Search Engine Optimization Experts

Before sealing the deal with one of Fort Lauderdale SEO companies, ask each prospective candidate these questions:

  1. Have you served clients within our niche?
  2. How will you tailor your strategy to fit our goals and unique business needs?
  3. Do you think are goals are realistic? What tactics would you recommend for effective website growth?
  4. What are some of the SEO tools used to develop your strategies?
  5. How will our team take part in the project?
  6. How experienced are the specialists working on our project? Have they solved similar business problems before?
  7. Can you provide other SEO-related services, such as digital marketing or social media management?
  8. Which metrics do you track to measure the success of your SEO strategies?
  9. What are your pricing structures?
  10. How do you keep up with changes and trends in the SEO industry?

Takeaways On Fort Lauderdale SEO Companies

The main reason why businesses in Florida and the surrounding areas hire Fort Lauderdale SEO companies is to:

  • Benefit from their local market expertise
  • Access their skilled talent pool
  • Leverage their bilingual resources
  • Gain easy access to multicultural markets

SEO specialists working in Fort Lauderdale tend to be more equipped in providing services for clients within the area’s leading industries: tourism, international trade, software, finance.

Generally, they charge between $100 and $149 per hour.

To find the right SEO agency partner for your business, consider their:

  • Experience and expertise
  • Team and projects
  • SEO tools and resources
  • Processes and workflows

Best of luck!

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