The Best Video Marketers In New York Stay On Top Of Trends In Video & Marketing

69% of global internet traffic came from video in 2017.

That usage is going to increase in 2018 and beyond.

With more people turning to video content, what works and what doesn’t is bound to change.

It’s changed so much already.

The video industry is rapidly evolving. Design trends are falling in and out of favor.

Similarly, the digital marketing sphere changes each and every day with new platforms, new mediums and new initiatives grabbing attention and leaving their mark.

But with all of this evolution, it can seem impossible to stay on top of all the changes.

That’s where the best video marketing companies in NYC come in. They know what it takes to create stunning video content and promote it across a variety of channels.

Not only that, but this promotion also achieves results. It isn’t done with the blind hope that these videos will land in front of the right audiences.

From infusing motion graphics into the production of these videos to using key social media accounts and platforms for promotion, the best video marketing firms are equipped to handle anything the design and marketing world throw at it.

Top Video Marketing Companies

Great Video Marketing Companies In NYC Build Long-Lasting Partnerships With Clients

Another great quality of the best video marketing companies in NYC is their penchant for investing in client relationships.

These marketing companies take the time to learn about your brand. They dive deep into your audience, your competition and your past campaigns.

With these insights, they build effective video marketing strategies and create additional collateral to create a cohesive brand identity that encourages your audience to interact.

The best video marketers care about your brand and campaign. They aren’t just in the business of churning out cookie-cutter campaigns and calling it a day. That doesn’t do your brand any good and it doesn’t do their business any good.

Instead, you can feel confident that these partner agencies will use their cutting edge tools to delve deep into the market and build a strong, robust and engaging strategy that puts your goals first.

It’s important that you choose an agency that’s committed, passionate and dedicated. This means that the campaigns they initiate will end with results that build your brand and boost your bottom line.

Reputable Video Marketing Firms In New York Keep Branding Consistent

When brands present themselves consistently, they experiencethree to four timesmore brand visibility.

Consistent branding is key to business success. If you want your audience to perceive you a certain way, you have to give them the right resources to come to that conclusion.

Video content has a way of immediately engaging. It establishes a memorable and relatable brand identity.

But in addition to this video content, your brand needs additional collateral to really engage and make an impression.

Top video marketers in New York create this additional collateral and promote it across platforms to keep branding consistent.

This consistency will help your brand reach a wider pool of audiences. It will also give them something very strong to remember when it comes time for them to make a purchase or seek out a service.

You also don’t have to worry that these marketing pros will screw up your existing branding.

These experts take the time to learn about your brand, what your values are and how past campaigns have shaped your overall identity.

They keep this personality, tone and messaging in mind when they develop their own marketing campaigns so they make the right impression.

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NYC Video Marketing Teams Member Roles & Responsibilities

Digital Marketers

51%of marketers cite video as the piece of content with the best ROI.

That’s what makes video such a vital piece of content for marketers.

Luckily, the best video marketing teams in New York incorporate these digital marketing professionals that know how and when to promote your video content for the largest ROI possible.

Top video marketing teams include dedicated digital marketers to navigate the digital marketing landscape.

These experts roll out comprehensive plans that include email marketing, social media marketing, paid media and more.

This maximizes exposure for your brand and ensures that consumers get a consistent and cohesive experience.

You want your video marketing campaigns to blend in with your overall strategy. Cohesiveness is key when connecting with consumers and ensuring they continue to look at your brand in a positive light.

That’s why the best video marketing teams in NYC incorporate these marketing pros.

Top Video Marketing Companies


Video marketing agencies promote and distribute your content. But their full-service capabilities also give them the ability to create and produce impactful videos as well.

Top video marketing agencies in New York have video producers on staff that know what direction to take your videos. They incorporate key messaging, visuals and more that resonate with your audience and leave them ready to engage.

Any good video project requires a producer that outlines the story and gives it purpose. Producers set up the story and finalize it for distribution and promotion.

Top video marketing companies in NYC make sure to have these producers in staff to take care of your video content needs from start to finish.

Graphic Designers

The best video marketing firms in New York also employ graphic designers to aid in the video production process.

These graphic designers also create additional branded collateral for marketing promotion.

Great video marketing companies do so much more than promote content. That’s what makes them so exceptional.

These agencies know that in order for a campaign to be successful, it needs to be full-service, comprehensive and consistent across collateral, platforms and channels.

In order to do this, imagery needs to remain consistent.

Web designs, apps, ads and more all need to incorporate the same graphics and illustrations.

This ensures consistent branding.

Consistent branding means increased brand awareness, more visibility, and higher approval numbers.

Thus, your presence grows and your sales grow along with it.

Your video marketing company will have graphic designers on staff to aid in the video production process. These professionals will also add significant business value in the form of additional branded collateral that boosts your visibility and drives conversion.

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