8 Video Marketing Benefits To Make Most of in 2022

Video content rules the social media space. Its benefits go way beyond likes, shares, and comments, to the point of driving conversions, increased ROI, long-term customer relationships, and brand loyalty, to name a few.

You can use videos in the form of YouTube videos, Instagram reels, live streams, and so much more to propel your business forward. Videos can trigger feelings of excitement, happiness, suspense, drama, fear, or humor, and that's why they tend to stay with the audience for a longer time.

A content marketing strategy combined with video marketing benefits opens the doors for a wider audience waiting to check out what you have to say.

Check out the following video marketing benefits and see how you can teach them into your content marketing strategy.

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1. Videos Are Your Audiences Favorite Choice

If you think that this is an overstatement, check this out! 88% of people say that they've been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand's video.

Posting videos for your brand allows you to tap into a pool of customers that you must be missing out on.

Since videos are entertaining, accessible, and educational, there is something for everyone. Live videos are one such example that could be your audiences' current favorite. With the live videos being a platform where both sides can see the comments, it makes up for an excellent opportunity to get the engagement ball rolling.

Videos can also be chosen as they are a faster medium of consuming information than texts, as videos tend to cause less strain on the eye. Videos can compel the busiest people with no time to read texts, to take action.

2. Video Content Can Help Boost Conversion Rates

Video content can increase conversion rates to 86%. Apart from the conversion rates, the benefits of video marketing include shedding light on sign-up pages, offers, blog promotions, and product demos.

Creating a video can also include more aspects than the content, such as message, movement, sound, color, storytelling, tone, design, visual cues, schedule, and much more to set the mood just right for your video.

Adding a video can be an entertaining way can help boost the conversion rates since it'll be a one-stop place to learn all your audience can. Not just conversions, but it can also help how your key messages are memorized.

3. Video Content Can Enhance Your Audience's Trust

Think about all the times you were skeptical about buying a product!

Watching a video can wash off all the confusions or second thoughts you may have about the product since a study shows that viewers can retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video.

Apart from the primary goal of driving more sales, video content can help boost your brand's trust and reliability. Consumers are emotional beings, and a video can trigger those emotions to lead the consumer to trust the brand and purchase from them. Be it striking an emotional chord or telling an intriguing brand story; video content can drastically change the direction of your video content.

These attributes allow a brand to communicate with the audience and give it a face. However, for the long-term relationship to thrive, it is crucial for your content to be authentic rather than copied from your competitors.

Tapping into their pain points should begin with showcasing that you know and care about their problems and solutions. Further, your videos should look like your brand is here to educate and add value rather than just sell.

Some other examples of video content that can help you boost trust are -

  • Behind-the-scenes videos
  • Company culture videos
  • Testimonials
  • Event highlight video
  • Conference videos
  • Online charity events

These video contents help to lay a strong foundation for humanizing the brand. Yet another way to do it is by selling the benefits rather than the features.

You can also strategize your video content by joining with influencers, micro-influencers, or vloggers to derive more reach and boost the above values. Videos being reviewed by accounts with such vast reach as the influencers can lead to an impressive ROI.

4. Videos Help Improve Your Email Marketing Results

It is obvious to lose count of the spam emails that flow into your inbox daily. And if these emails turn out to be the same old redundant emails, the readers are even more compelled to delete them without a second thought.

Emails are a great way to reach your audience, and mixing them with video marketing makes it a brilliant piece of marketing. Having your emails noticed by your audience is a video marketing benefit that cannot be ignored.

According to a survey, simply using the word' video' in the subject line boosts the click-through and open rates.

While email content could be challenging to read, quick, insightful videos allow you to easily explain difficult concepts to their audience, making it a great way to get your messages across. Apart from the email marketing aspect, explainer videos can help reduce the number of queries calls the customer support team receives.

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5. An Optimized Video Can Perform Well on Search Engines

Video content has a 50x better chance of appearing on the first page of Google.

SEO significantly impacts the rankings of your videos. Some boxes you need to tick include an impressive thumbnail, an eye-catching title, and good quality video content. This can boost the organic traffic, thereby increasing the video's ranking.

You can further add more links to your website and other social media websites to boost traffic on the links where you want your audiences to land. Also, ensure adding links to Youtube's video description so that your audience knows where to head next.

Good videos allow people to spend more time on your website, which signals the search engine about the good quality of your videos, making the benefits of video marketing for business to be endless.

However, it is important to ensure that you do not consistently include CTA's but rather only where necessary, to ensure that your video doesn't turn out too persuasive.

6. Video Content Sets Your Business Apart from Your Competitors

It's no use to post a stellar and detailed video only to realize that your competitor has done it before. That way, your video is more likely to be lost in the noise and will have a lesser possibility of being found by your audience. They will end up stumbling on your competitors' videos first, rather than yours.

You can also add texts, logos, and even motion graphic videos. Ensure your video commercials and content to go viral before your competitor. The trick is to be early and adopt the right strategy with time before everyone in the industry does.

Being the first to post will allow you to gain more views and eventually enable your video to stand out from the crowd.

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7. Videos Are the Thing of the Future

The future is here, and your competitors might have already started to leverage the new tools as you read this article.

Superior quality video content can help to build brand awareness, cultivate leads, strengthen brand loyalty and eventually boost your market share.

The benefits of videos simply do not stop at the verticals they are currently at. With the help of video marketing trends such as AR, VR, and streaming services, videos are going nowhere anytime soon as nowadays, they are a prime way to capture the audience's attention.

These videos need not be conventional in style. Rather these could include filters and more features to make them more interesting, and it can breathe life into boring texts and images. You can further add texts, logos, and even motion graphic videos.

Not only is it the right time to post your video content but also to keep enhancing it to match pace with the current times.

8. Videos Can Be Accessible Anywhere!

Most of us consume content on our mobile phones and tablets while on the go. The reason for this is quite apparent. You can look at the content wherever you are with much more ease than on a desktop.

Smartphone users are also growing, which makes the video audience base wider as the days pass by. This changing content consumption pattern makes it essential for the brands to give the users a better experience with the brand.

So even if your audience is too lazy to get to the desktop to check what's happening in the world, content optimized for mobile can reach a more extensive audience base.

9. Videos Are More Likely to be Shared!

Unlike a bunch of pictures or a document, a video is a sole thing that can be shared with millions of people with the touch of a button.

Be it Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or any other platform, videos, if shared, are much more likely to reach a wider audience.

Growing your brand with video campaigns is also possible when you join hands with influencers (as mentioned above) with a large audience on these platforms. Having your brand's visibility amplified is yet another video marketing benefit that brands cannot afford to overlook.

For these videos to go viral, they are so much more likely to be turned into a gif, trailer, reel, shorter version of a video, and nowadays a meme too,

Compared to other mediums of content, a video requires less effort to market.

Video Marketing Benefits Takeaways

Each day, 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram alone.

If the question – of why use video marketing? still keeps you up at night, we're sure you must have figured out an answer.

Video content undoubtedly sells but can also prove to be a differentiating factor is the content strategy it is set in.

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